+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023


Braided hair is always a hit, no matter if it’s the coldest season or warm days that require practical and fresh styles. This year, the favorite classic hairstyle is reinvented with multiple trendy braid styles that will be your best bet.

Whether you are looking for a looks Conservative or you prefer to break the mold, in this gallery you will find the perfect hairstyle for you.

How many types of braids are there and what are they?

Classic never goes out of style. Each type of braid has its own charm, and once you master the weave, it is very easy to transform it to create and experiment with new hairstyles. The basic braids are:

Classic three-strand braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
Three-strand braids are basic and work to create any hairstyle. Credit: All Things Hair.

Basic and simple, the three-strand braid can be the basis of many hairstyles, whether simple or complex. It consists of intertwining three strands of hair, crossing them together in the shape of an X.

You can wear it in a high ponytail, in a bun or with your hair semi-collected.

french braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
Wear a French braid in the center or on the side. Credit: All Things Hair.

This is versatile and has a casual vibe, although it can be worn with a outfits sophisticated and formal to complement. Although it is woven by adding hair from the sides as it descends, it results in a pattern that ends with more volume in the crown area.

Wear it to school, to the gym, to the office, and even to a wedding or formal event.

dutch braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
Dutch braids help create voluminous hairstyles. Credit: Shutterstock.

On her side, the dutch braid It’s like a French, but inverted. Instead of crossing the strands over each other (in an X-shape), this one requires under-crossing.

It is ideal if you are looking for a hairstyle with volume, depth and dimension.

African braids

Fashionable braids glued for women
African braids are made in rows and are woven from the hairline to the nape or ends. Credit: Valerio Mezzanotti/Shutterstock.

African braids are very popular, attractive and, especially, functional to keep curly hair under control. They are also ideal as sporty hairstyles and they have managed to conquer the street style.

fishtail braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
The fishtail braid is bohemian. Credit: Shutterstock.

A fish braid imitates the skeleton of this animal using only two locks. Unlike other braids, such as the French one, this one consists of dividing the hair into two sections and crossing them from one side to the other. Its vibe is bohemian and you can wear it in any hairstyle.

two strand braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
If you want to give a ‘twist’ to your hairstyle, weave a two-strand braid. Credit: All Things Hair.

The two-strand braiding technique is also very popular and will help you create different hairstyles. If you’ve grown tired of three-strand braids, take just two strands and twist them, each separately and then together.

This style is suitable for any event, as well as going to school or the office.

Waterfall braid

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
Create movement and give your hair a distinctive touch with a waterfall braid. Credit: All Things Hair.

The Waterfall braid It is a style with a romantic air, which creates the illusion of water falling through the hair. It consists of weaving with three strands of the same thickness, only that, when crossing the upper strand below, it is left loose. The process must be repeated several times, until a movement effect is achieved.

This hairstyle is ideal for a girl or teenager, for its delicate and innocent vibe.

Editor’s tip: Browse our gallery above to get inspired by the trendy braids that are taking over from the runways to the street style and current takeaway favorites.

Tricks to keep your fashionable braids perfect

+25 fashionable braids that are trending in 2023
To show off perfect fashion braids, the trick also lies in your previous hair care routine. Credit: All Things Hair.
  • Moisturize the ends. Prevent them from looking dry and dull by applying a few drops of Argan oil either almonds. Also, you can opt for a product like the Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizer. Its versatility will allow you to use it inside and outside the shower, and thus moisturize your hair at all times.
  • Prepare your hair. Before doing any of your favorite fashion braids, give your hair a good brushing to undo any knots. Then spray a thin layer of TRESemmé Climate Control spray to avoid the frizz and get a glossy finish. You can even apply a little with a toothbrush to control unruly hairs on the forehead.
  • Get dimension. The secret to gorgeous braids is volume. Get it by pulling the strands out slightly to bulge them out.
  • Support with discreet garters. Achieve a neat finish by tying your braids with garters of a similar color to your hair and whose size corresponds to the thickness of your hair. Thus, attention will be focused on your hairstyle.
  • Take care of your mane. Remember that strong, shiny hair without frizz, it is the key to the perfect braided hair look. In All Things Hair we use the shampoo and Sedal Repair and Shine Conditioner. Its formulation —rich in vitamin E and antioxidants— repairs and regenerates hair, strengthening it and giving it softness and shine.

Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizer

TRESemmé Climate Spray

Sedal Repair and Shine Shampoo

Conditioning treatment Sedal Repair and Shine

Have you decided which of these trendy braids you will try first?

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