7 Signs that love ended in your courtship

Sometimes it is inevitable to end a relationship …

We know that it is difficult, but when there is no longer love, it is best to end up healthy before they continue to be hurt.

These are some of the signs that tell you that it was time to finish:

1. They fight all the time and for everything:

It is true that discussions are inevitable because they do not always agree, but if fights are more than smiles and you can never agree on anything, it is a serious sign that something is not right.

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2. You prefer to stay at home before going out with him:

When we are in love we want to be with our lover all the time, and if you now put a thousand excuses not to go out with him, it is a serious signal that love is not as strong as before.

3. Everything you do seems wrong to you:

If he calls you, you get upset, if he does not call you, you get upset too, if he gets affectionate, you get angry and if he does not hug you too, the poor man does not even know what he’s doing wrong, even the way he breathes makes your hair stand on end.

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4. You spend more time with your BF than with him:

It is one thing to want to go out with them, and another to leave your gallant to be with them, that is definitely not normal.

5. You are interested in other guys:

If you already flat out to flirt with another guy, there is definitely no chemistry between you and your boyfriend.

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6. You no longer have details with him:

Before you died to give little letters, send a good morning message or good night, now you forget to do it, or flat out gives you so much laziness, that you do it reluctantly.

7. Of plane you do not take it into account in your future plans:

Before you always took it into account, you asked your opinion and included it in all your plans, now you just do not see it by your side.

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Put your feelings in order, and if you realize that you do not want it anymore, it’s best to let it go.

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