5 Tips to better organize your time

Enjoy a week full of activities, but with zero stress!

Surely you have started to think that you have too many plans and too little time, but what if we inform you that it is not true?

Check out these tips to organize your time as a whole pro:

1. Create a schedule

It is super important that you have a calendar or agenda in which you can write down the activities you need to complete. We recommend you write down those fixed tasks (school, gym, lunch hours) before the week starts so you will know in advance if you have free time. Tip: Use colored pens to differentiate your tasks and make your agenda look amazing.

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2. The lists: your best allies

In addition to having a calendar to organize, make lists of urgent things and place them in a place where you see them constantly. For example the door of your room, mirror of the bathroom or above your alarm. Use colorful sticky notes to make your lists flashier!

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3. Set priorities

Separate your tasks depending on the order in which they need to be performed. Divide them into urgent, necessary and unimportant so you will know perfectly what you need to do first.

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4. Put your alarm!

Do not forget to put an alarm to wake you up every morning. Getting up on time can make a huge change in your day! There is nothing better than having breakfast calmly in the morning and managing to start the day on the right foot. You can also create alarms or notifications on your cell phone that tell you if you need to be somewhere or do something at a certain time.

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5. Do one thing at a time

It is very difficult to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Try to turn off the television, lower the music and put aside your cell phone if you need. Focus!

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Now that you have these tips, are you ready to have a  stress-free week?

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