7 body parts to remember when you put sunscreen

For a well-protected skin, putting sunscreen before each exposure to the sun is essential. You have to choose a sunscreen with a sufficient SPF adapted to your type of skin, and obviously to think to apply sunscreen on all exposed parts of the body.

Here are the 7 parts of the body that we forget all too often but that we must not neglect:


The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest of the body and therefore requires sun protection even if you wear sunglasses all day.


We forget them too often, but the ears are constantly exposed and must be protected with a sunscreen with a minimum index of 30.


The lips and ears are two areas at very high risk of skin cancer. It is therefore essential to put sunscreen on the lips as well as on the rest of the face.



We almost always think of putting cream on the face, on the shoulders, then on the arms, but the neck is a big forgotten of our beauty routine. And it is wrong because the neck and neck are exposed to the sun, especially if you have short hair. So we think to apply sunscreen on the neck and neck at the same time as the face.


Unless you wear gloves, your hands are constantly exposed to the sun when we are outdoors and so they also need sun protection.


Feet are not protected when immersed in water. You should also remember to put sunscreen on the tops of the feet and between the toes to avoid burns.


The ideal is to wear a hat on the head to protect, or failing that, to put sunscreen on the line of the hair to protect the skin well and to avoid any risk of sunburn.

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