5 things about sex you want to know but are afraid to ask

We reveal what women are asking in the context of sex. Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions to sexologists.

5 questions that we usually ask sexologists

Sex is a topic many women are ashamed to talk about. This, on the other hand, causes us to ask many things stupidly. That is why we have prepared today a list of questions that women most often ask sexologists. See the answers to sex questions that most bother women!

1. Does the use of sex toys harm relationships or mean that something is wrong with the relationship?

This is a question that many couples are planning to reach for erotic toys. “Is something wrong with us that we need support for additional gadgets?” No, absolutely! Introducing sex accessories to your bedroom is perfectly ok. It allows you to add intimate piquancy to your life and stimulate you. Sex toys will transport you into a world of fantasy, thanks to which you can bring new, fresh energy into your sex. Even the trip with your partner to the sex shop can be exciting …

2. How to increase the desire for sex?

Above all, take care of your physical health. Regularly check with your gynecologist to rule out that libido problems are health-related. When we feed properly and practice physical activity, our body produces dopamine and endorphins. These, in turn, have a positive effect on the level of libido. So: sleep 8 hours a day, eat healthily and play sports, and you will see that your willingness to play with your partner will increase. To further increase the level of libido, you can reach for aphrodisiacs, such as chocolate, pumpkin, oysters, and shrimps when you are creating a menu. And when you want to get even more excited just before the intercourse, you can use the foreplay to reach for an erotic movie or a book with love scenes.

3. How do you tell your partner what I like?

As in all spheres of interpersonal relations, communication is key. Try not to criticize, but to emphasize what your partner is doing well. Always start with compliments, and only then go to what you would like to appear in your erotic menu. For example, praise your partner saying that he kisses great and then add that he dreams of kissing you also during intercourse. You can also have fun in the erotic game – let each of you write on the cards of things that you would like to make a second partner, then mix them and each time you draw one by one.

4. I can not achieve orgasm during intercourse. Does it mean something is wrong with me?

Lack of orgasm during intercourse is absolutely normal. Statistics confirm this. Only 15% of women achieve it only through penetration. Most of us need to stimulate the clitoris to reach the top. Talk to your partner and try to incorporate this element into your relationship. You can use a penis cover or erotic toys that stimulate the clitoris. You can also choose an item – such as a position from the back – that allows the partner to caress your hand.

If, however, you are not sure what clitoral stimulation would be the most pleasant for you, you can think about a solo meeting, or try to masturbate to get to know your needs.

5. How often should I have sex? Are there any standards?

There is not one correct answer. However, what is certainly true is the fact that quality counts, not quantity. What’s more, intimacy and closeness between partners are more important than sex. If you kiss, hug, touch, feel sensitive and sensitive to you, sex will usually come to you. Studies show that the better and more frequent sex are those couples who care about the intimacy of the relationship – they go for romantic dinners, have small pleasures, or make themselves candles and massage evenings. It is recognized that a healthy relationship is one where partners love each other at least once a week, although we know that in practice – with children, work and daily responsibilities – it can be difficult. However, if you do not find time for sex alone,

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