5 Details that men never forget about their ex-girlfriends


Although it seems that the male sex is stronger emotionally than the female, a study revealed that men suffer more than women at the end of a romantic relationship. The women tend to be more affected when they end up with their partner because the female has higher physical and emotional pain levels at that time. But the advantage is that they recover much faster than men, because according to research, they never finish overcoming the situation, simply continue with their lives and turn the page.

That’s why there are some¬†details that men never forget their ex-girlfriends, and here we tell you what they are!

1. How did you feel

At that moment, the emotions you provoked him were so intense that they left him marked forever. For them, it is very difficult to get rid of the memory of the butterflies in the stomach that they experienced while they had an intense romance.

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2. Comfort

Every relationship reaches a point where trust is at its maximum, and you feel that you have known that person for a thousand years! For men, there will always be a point of comparison with respect to feeling comfortable and familiar with their relationship and their partner; that’s why it’s so hard for them to have another formal relationship after having spent years with their ex.

3. Intimacy

He will never be able to forget the intimate moments he lived with you; your kisses, hugs, and caresses will always remain marked on your skin and heart. Studies claim that if you managed to have a good enough sexual connection with your ex, he will always remember it!

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4. When you forgave him

The memory of all those times that hurt you or failed you and you decided to forgive him, will never disappear! That was another reason why you won a super important place in your heart.

5. Right hand

Every moment that you were at his side to help him, advise him, and guide him, will stay engraved in his memory for a lifetime. Although they do not show it, men appreciate this type of acts in an exaggerated way.

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If your ex has not managed to forget you, you know why it is!

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