4 Reliable ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Uncertain pregnancy is like a nightmare for any woman. There are several ways to avoid this, but we are going to tell four dependable ways here.

1. Help of the Bondage Body Calendar

This method is quite old. In this you have to take care of your personal cycle while checking your cortical fluid with the help of a basal body thermometer, calendar and your finger. If the mucus is smooth then you can conceive. If it is sticky, then understand that this is your safe time. This is the cheapest way to stop pregnancy, but you have to do the job of recording the record with great speed. Apart from this, if you do not like the fingerprinting, then you have to adopt another way.

4 fail safe ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

2. Have sex but do not get peniteration

If you want to have both penitis during sex and want to survive from pregnancy, then you have to use any kind of contraception. If you want to avoid both contraceptive and pregnancy, then use hands and mouth during sex. Believe it, hand stimulation and oral sex are equally gratifying. Just keep in mind that the competitors can not even come near Wayjaena. By the way, there is less chance of getting pregnant without penitration, but keep in mind that there is only one sperm enough to be pregnant.

4 fail safe ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

3. Use contraception

Any excuse for making unprotected sex is useless due to so many dependable contraceptives. Women can rely on contraceptive pills, condoms made for women, pussies etc. If they do not want to do so, then make sure that their partner develops sex relations only after wearing condoms. Well, do not forget to consult your singingologist before using any type of pill or passover.

4 fail safe ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy

4. Saying ‘no’ is also an option,
we are asked to stop and think before doing any work. Keep this habit on the bed too. Before you make unprotected sex, think about what you are doing today, how it will affect your future. The best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is to avoid sex. Now there is no sex or pregnancy.

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