Is your phone slow? Tips to speed up your smartphone

As soon as our smartphone becomes obsolete, its speed also decreases. In such a situation, we think of breaking old phones by getting fed up with that old phone. But do you know the reason behind its slow is that we have some bad habits. If we improve our habits then the speed of the phone will increase.Let’s tell you there are a few ways to increase the speed of the phone.

Keep the home screen clean

There are many people that there are so many apps on the home screen of the smartphone, which is the biggest reason for the slow down of the phone. In this case, if you have icons on the home screen of your phone such as several seasons, live wallpapers, then remove them.

On Data Saver Mode

The advantage of doing a data saver mode in Google Chrome in the phone is that if you open any site, then the quality of the video and photo on that page becomes a little vulnerable. In such cases, heavy pages are easily loaded and your phone works fast.

Auto Sync

Nowadays, most of the smartphones have auto sync over the phone, due to which the backup of your phone’s data keeps running in the background. Photos and videos are automatically uploaded to Google Drive. Turn off auto sync, your phone will start running faster than before.

Clear Cache Memory

After using the phone for a while, cache memory is stored in storage which surrounds your phone’s storage and in this case your phone becomes slow. To clear the cache, go to the settings in the phone settings and clear the cache memory by going to storage.

Keep phone operating system updated

Many companies release updates for smartphones from time to time. In this case, if your phone has updates, then definitely update. Apart from this, you can also check for updates by going to the account in the account.

Reset if no solution works

If the phone is not fast after saving all, then after the backup of the data reset the phone to the phone. After resetting, the save, song, video, photos and messages will be deleted in the phone. The phone will be just like new.

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