30 small ideas to be good in your life

We do not always need big changes to be happier . Sometimes it’s all about easy things to do. Attention, actions, states of mind that one would be wrong not to adopt. Ideas that are not necessarily flawless originality, but as long as it works, no need to make crates.

You are listed these 30 things to do everyday (or not) to feel better.

1- Be spontaneous

Do not think too much when you want something, the unexpected is good.

2- Get up sooner

Instead of spending the morning watching the Marseillais Asian Tour, go for a walk.

3- Do not walk on your feet

It may be impressive at first, but raising the tone will do you good, trust us.

4- Do not always follow motivational mantras on social networks

“Go Big or Go Home” makes us want to go home rather than the other way around.


5- Work hard … but rest too

We are never as productive as when we are well rested.

6- Make this bloody burger

With a steak of beef or chickpeas, but make yourself fun food level.

7- Try to see the glass half full

The positive attracts the positive, the negative attracts the depression at the bottom of his bed. At least when one constantly tries to find it everywhere.

8- Go for it!

Do anything to grab the opportunity that hangs in your face.

9- Tighten the bonds with your family

A recurring phone call can do more good than you think.

10- Do not always believe your demons

And detach yourself from your eternal love scheme.

11- Be a fan of “what then?”

In love: at worst, you take a wind. So what ? At work: at worst, you will find something else or you will start again. So what ?

12- Do not always try to be well

Live your emotions when they show up. Preferably with a packet of Granola.

13- Focus on the things you love at home rather than your complexes

Everyone does not have as beautiful eyes / hair / freckles / smile as you.

14- Disconnect from time to time

Letting go of the technological outgrowth that grows at the end of your hand, the world would be doing just as well.

15- Relativize

What seems serious today may not be that much.

16- Relativize especially on your susceptibility

Accept that we do not care about your passion for dog training programs, and cultivate self-mockery , it’s relaxing to make fun of oneself.

17- Get away from people who do not really like you

Without doing a scene, but not giving them the attention they do not send back to you.

18- Bust on your stairway spirit

The stair spirit is about finding the exact spread at a situation a little too late. Reverse the trend, and swing your most scathing replica.

19- Forgive …

Rancor brings nothing that is not worth it.

20 -… But say what you have on the heart first

The story of not ironing you a rotten mess for a thousand years.

21- Assume your responsibilities

Fault confessed is half redressed. Finally normally.

22- Come as you are

Do not hide behind a character you would have liked to be. You are enough.

23- Take your foot

Enjoy and let know how to make you cum.

24- Follow your instinct

Often when you feel that it’s going to end in water of pudding, it’s going to end in water of pudding.

25- Be more nuanced

To be categorical has never borne fruit. Diplomacy, on the other hand, is much more effective in achieving one’s ends.

26- Get out of the lot

Do not follow the masses, be proud of your differences.

27- Cherish your entourage

Do not skimp on empathy and listen to those who are there for you.

28- Take the air more often

Even within 30 minutes, but go out every day.

29- Compliment when you have the opportunity

And accept that we compliment you back – even if it’s easier said than done.

30- Destress

Brothel, RELAX !

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