20 Funny photos of MEN acting like women on Instagram

For the most part, the accounts of girls on Instagram are quite predictable. They are full of selfies, photos in front of the mirror and in a group, always pretending to look sexy and funny.

The men in the Witty + pretty account had a very funny idea: what would happen if they acted like women do, posing for pictures that would go up to Instagram? The result is to die of laughter if you add the titles and hashtags (#) exaggerated and even sarcastic they used.

No offense, why do not we take the opportunity to laugh at ourselves?

1. Enjoying the summer

man lifting water with his hair when leaving a pond

2. Practicing yoga

Man practicing yoga beside a pool

3. After a workout in the gym

man taking a picture in front of a mirror in the gym

4.  Selfie with friends

men imitating women's poses

5. Moment of relaxation

man taking a bath in a tub with aromatic candles and a book

6. Making a pedicure at the spa

man painting his nails to another

 7. Eating a delicious  cupcake

man eating bagels from a box

8. Nothing cooler than watching a movie and eating ice cream in pajamas

man with a computer on his legs

9. My favorite drink

man holding a drink with his hand

10. The belly of pregnancy

man holding his belly while taking a picture

11. Saturday without plans

man with his legs on a table watching his computer and having a glass of wine

12.  #Selfie

bearded man

13. Healthy

man living a green juice sitting in a park

14. The essential photo in the bathroom

man taking a photograph in front of the mirror

15. I did not realize when they took this picture

man wearing scarf and hat drinking coffee

16. My best friend

man sleeping next to his dog

17. #Fitness #cardio #gym

man exercising on a bicycle

18. There’s nothing better than sharing an ice cream with my friends

men putting their ice cream together in a circle

19. I love shoes

man measuring himself shoes

20. My true love #pizza #book

man eating pizza in bed

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