15 hairstyles with two braids ideal for daily wear


If you are looking for a simple, beautiful hairstyle that reminds you of your childhood, you will love the two braids. There are romantic vintage, with bohemian or punk airs. You can also wear them if you have long or short hair, with or without fringes, and even with infinite combinations of accessories.

Ready to fall in love with braided hairstyles? We share a gallery where you can find at least one option that suits your style and hair type.

Elsa Hosk with two braids hairstyle, platinum blonde hair
Elsa Hosk looks very cute with her two-braid hairstyle. Without a doubt, a ‘look’ that we want to imitate. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

1. Prepare your hair

To hydrate and add shine to the hair, the shampoo Y Sedal Shine and Softness conditioner they are the ideal option. Both are formulated with blueberry extract and are free of parabens, providing in addition to minerals and vitamin B, phytochemicals that protect your hair against changes in temperature and sun exposure.

2. Define the texture of your braid

It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly or frizzy, make sure you use a product that helps define its texture and maintain the frizz under control. Try with the Dove Anti-Knot Hydration Daily Moisturizer, which combines the caring benefits of a conditioner with the styling benefits of a styling cream. Its salt-free formula was designed for long hair and manes that require intensive moisturizing. You will see that it will unravel easily and it will look soft and shiny.

3. Fix your hairstyle

Some manes resist braids, no matter how many pins you use. To do this, make sure to spray a good dose of setting spray as the last step in your hairstyle. A good formula will respect the flexibility of your hair, preventing it from looking stiff. In the newsroom we entrust the task to the TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold Spray.

How to make two root braids on the sides?

Also known as inverted braids or root braids, the dutch braids They work for all hair types and lengths, and are woven exactly like a French braid, but in reverse. That is, the three strands must cross below and not above. You can make them following this method:

  1. Brush and detangle your hair after washing it. The technique works on dry or damp hair.
  2. If your hair tends to fluff up or is frizzy and with a lot of frizzapply a styling cream or fixing mousse.
  3. Pull your hair back and part it down the middle with a line down the center from your forehead to the point where you want the braid to end.
  4. Next, create a diagonal section and divide it into three equal parts. Hold each one with rubber bands and then begin to weave three strands, interspersing each one while taking strands from the sides.
  5. Lastly, set your hairstyle.

How to make two pigtails with braids step by step?

There are different ways to integrate a braid into your classic ponytail. The easiest way is to first create your ponytail and then weave it in, or you can use the braids as an accent to your hairstyle. Here we show you how to achieve it!

How to make two braids with loose hair yourself?

The braids stuck in loose hair They seem to be the most difficult to do, but the good news is that you can do them yourself in front of the mirror, regardless of your hair type.

The goal is to weave little braids close to the scalp, so the first step is to brush your hair, let it completely dry, and then start weaving to the center of your head. Follow the step by step to get the best result:

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