Dare to try a short ‘mullet’, the most attractive and rebellious haircut


From the 1980s with David Bowie and Dolly Parton to Miley Cyrus and Zendaya in the 2000s, the cut mullet short has remained on the favorites list among celebrities and the hottest trends in the streets, with an irreverent vibe and an extravagant essence.

known as shellet in other parts of the world, referring in English to a short version of the iconic look rocker, this cut (shorter at the crown than the nape) has reached a new level of freshness and modernity over the years. Even today the fusion of the mullet with other styles, putting on the table different options to choose from.

Straight-haired young woman with short haircut
The ‘mullet’ can be adapted to all face and hair types, the key is in the details. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

A shellet either mullet Short, it is characterized by long hair at the back and a shorter length on top and on the sides. The strands are integrated with each other to create a look that can hardly be categorized, as the design is neither too short nor too long, neither is it stereotypically feminine nor can it be said that it is completely masculine. It all depends on the cultural connotation with which it is seen, but like all hair trends, the mullet it is an accessory that functions as a means of expression.

Dare to try a short 'mullet', the most attractive and rebellious haircut

The origin of mullet dates back a long time, being the protection of warriors in Greece and Egypt. Although the length at the nape of the neck worked to cover them from the sun, the short bangs helped them to have greater visibility on the battlefield. Let’s just say it was some kind of indispensable helmet.

For many, this cut is the one that best represents the style and glamor from the 80s. It was not only worn by rock stars, but also by their followers and fans. wear this look back then it was a sure steal of glances, and today its features are like a magnet that is attracting the younger generation.

Of course, it was until 1994 that the court coined this name. It was all thanks to the Beastie Boys, with their song mullethead.

The mullet David Bowie short

Model wearing short mullet on the runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier SS 2013
Models on the Jean-Paul Gaultier SS 2013 runway paid homage to David Bowie with a short mullet. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although the mullet is famous among those icons who have dared to break stereotypes and barriers, David Bowie has resurfaced with a contemporary and youthful air, although just as rebellious. Tousled and full of volume, with layers in different lengths, shorter on top and longer on the bottom: this style is a classic that cannot be missing in any book of the past or in the list of trends of the present.

Of course, everything is in the stylized. Although, depending on your hair type, the mullet short could straighten itself every morning, you can make it look like Bowie’s with the help of a stiff, close-bristle brush, the blow dryer, and a layer of spray TRESemmé Extra Firm Hold. Thus, your hairstyle will have body and volume all day.

asymmetric cut

Model Aymeline Valade with short mullet blonde hair
Acclaimed French model Aymeline Valade wears a short asymmetrical mullet at Paris Fashion Week. Credit: Pixelformula/Sipa/Shutterstock.

Seen in one of the countless fashion weeks that have taken place in Paris, this style rescues the original vibe of the mullet eighties and lives in harmony with shaved areas. Of course, the key is to let the sideburns and the bangs be longer than the rest of the strands in the cut.

Editor’s tip: As we know how difficult it can be to keep such a haircut under control, we recommend applying a little Ax Adrenaline wax before leaving home. Not only will it help you get a look firm, it will also leave your style with body and texture.

Cut mixies (mullet short + pixie)

Brown-haired model with short mullet cut
The ‘mixie’ is one of the favorite cuts of the moment due to its rebellious essence, fused with soft elements. Credit: Shutterstock.

The most recent versions of mullet they are softer and less irreverent than those so popular among the kings of rock a few decades ago. In the look of the image, the characteristics of the pixie, another stellar trend, they are integrated with the style in question to create the already famous mixies. Which one are you going to choose: the original or its more delicate variation?

short mullet + mohawk

Úrsula Corberó with a short mullet haircut
Get inspired by the most iconic ‘look’ of Úrsula Corberó. Credit: Angel Naval/MARINA PRESS/Shutterstock.

Can’t decide between a mullet short and a mohawk? mix them up! Although the style in question has very defined characteristics, remember that you can customize it as much as you want. Leave your hair much longer at the crown and nape than at the sides to create an effect that matches the image.

Editor’s tip: We recommend applying a little Sedal Ceramides mousse to give hair texture and leave it with a natural finish. Although of course, if your hair is very rebellious, there is always the option of using products such as Original Folicure Fixing Gel.

mullet short with baby bang

Demi Lovato with short mullet haircut and baby bangs
Demi Lovato’s ‘mullet’ is characterized by its short fringe. Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock.

Although most of the mullets respect a medium or long fringe length and a disheveled finish, you can choose a fringe baby. You will appear taller and your face will look longer.

All face types can look spectacular with a mullet short, but as they say: the devil is in the details. The key is in the fringe and in the volume above the crown. We leave you a guide so you can find the style that best suits your needs.

mullet short for round face

Sophie Thatcher with Short Layered Haircut with Bangs
Sophie Thatcher wears a mullet haircut for a round face. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

If your face is round, you will want to visually lengthen it. The best way to do it in a mullet it is with a lot of volume on the crown, in the David Bowie style or like the one in the image, which with layers manages to lengthen the forehead and the bone structure. While thick, shaggy bangs can work for you, you can also try bangs that are open.

mullet for square face and trapeze

Heloise Letissier with short wavy haircut
Heloise Letissier wears a ‘mullet’ cut for wavy hair, with open bangs. Credit: Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock.

Square and trapezoid-shaped faces require layering and wispy strands, so the mullet short with great volume on the crown is a winner. Ask your stylist to cut a fringe to the side or open, thus softening the features and emphasizing the cheekbones.

For long face and heart

Model at London Fashion Week with mixie cut
At London Fashion Week, models conquered the catwalks with short mullets, ideal for all face types. Credit: Shutterstock.

definitely a cut mixies With asymmetrical bangs it is ideal to balance your face, but do not forget that straight and thick fringes can also be your best allies. Thus, the jaw and forehead are no longer the center of attention.

For diamond face and triangular

Woman with short layered hair with bangs
On triangular or diamond faces, light volume and side-swept bangs is the ideal formula. Credit: Instagram.com/hirohair.

In these cases, avoid thick fringes and excess volume at the crown. Better, enhance your features and draw attention to the look by adding a curtain bangs or a short asymmetric one to your mullet. Light, side-swept fringes can also be very flattering.

mullet short for oval face

Miley Cyrus with mullet haircut and open bangs
The short ‘mullet’, like Miley Cyrus’, can be very flattering on all face types, but it all depends on the bangs. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Remember that any style and cut can be flattering on oval faces. If this is your case, give yourself the opportunity to experiment with all of them!

Editor’s tip: If you have already decided on a mullet short, we advise you to include in your beauty routine products that leave your hair hydrated, with body and free of frizz. Our favorites for washing are the shampoo Y TRESemmé Absolute Hydration Conditioner, professionally developed with a micellar formula to ensure gentle and effective cleansing. In addition, with vitamin E and panthenol, they prepare the hair for deep hydration.

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