12 comfortable, practical and beautiful hairstyles for nurses


Hairstyles for nurses must be comfortable, practical and capable of resisting long hours. Playing around with different looks can be a fun way to show your personality, even if you spend your days in uniform.

As a nurse or nursing student, we celebrate your commitment to serving others. For this reason, we have compiled for you several ideas of hairstyles that will make you feel beautiful at work. Take note!

  • He short hair to medium is usually the preferred option by nurses.
  • If the hair is not short, it must be completely collected.
  • The regulatory hairstyle is usually the chongo.
  • You should prevent hair from falling over your face. Depending on the hospital regulations, you can wear bangs or not.
  • In some medical institutions, the white cap is part of the uniform and identifies the nurse among the other members of the health team.

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Graduation: hairstyles for nurses

Woman with low bun hairstyle for nurse graduation
A formal low bun will allow you to easily position the coif. Credit: All Things Hair.

On the day of your cap imposition, your hairstyle must be formal and allow the placement of this element. Bet on a low bun like the ones we propose here. Unless you have very long and thick hair, to achieve that volume, you need to use a filler.

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Woman with low bun hairstyle for nurse graduation
Elegant and practical: this hairstyle is foolproof. Credit: All Things Hair.

Hairstyles for nurses with a cap

Woman with nurse hairstyle with cap and classic updo
In hospitals such as the IMSS and ISSSTE, in Mexico, the use of the cap is mandatory. Credit: All Things Hair.

Although it is no longer used in all hospitals, the cap is perhaps the most representative element of a nurse’s clothing. It is a symbol of her effort and vocation that has led her to become a health professional.

The cap is used so that hair does not fall on your work area and it is possible to maintain hygiene while you work. In addition, through the tapes, it is possible to distinguish the staff and their hierarchy, such as the deputy head, the head nurse or if a nurse is a specialist, she is a general nurse or even a nursing assistant.

An easy way to do an updo like the one pictured is by wearing a thin elastic headband over your hair. You will take strands that are about two inches thick and wrap them around the band.

Hairstyles for nurses with short hair

Woman with hairstyle for nurses with short hair
This hairstyle will allow you to keep your face clean, even if you have very short hair. Credit: All Things Hair.

Some nurses prefer to cut their hair short for convenience, but that doesn’t mean they can’t style their hair in different ways. For example, in the image above we see a micro bob -this is a court Bob shorter than usual, above the chin—styled to the side and with a lock that, as it is twisted, incorporates more hair until it ends up being held at temple or ear level with a barrette.

Updo hairstyles for nurse

Woman with french twist in curly hair
A ‘french twist’ or French chongo is a simple and elegant option. Credit: All Things Hair.

The French bun is one of those updos that seems more complex than it really is. Plus, it’s a classic! To do this, take your hair to one side and, using bobby pins, create several vertical crosses along the back of your head. Take the hair that you swept to one side and roll it in the opposite direction. Hide the ends of the bun and secure it with more bobby pins.

Easy hairstyles for nurse

Woman with a simple low bun and curled locks in front
Add a different accent to your everyday hairstyle. Credit: All Things Hair.

A trick to facilitate styling is to previously apply a styling cream, preferably on damp hair. The Combing cream Sedal Lemon and Matcha purifies and gives shine to the hair, while protecting it from pollution. 97% of its ingredients are of natural origin and it is free of silicones, parabens and dyes.

Now, if you always resort to the basic chonguito —the one we know in Mexico as “onion”—, try to elevate it a bit. You can intertwine two strands on each side of your head to create cord braids, which you will then wrap around your updo.

Woman with a low braided bun and a lock rolled on one side
If you prefer a side part, twist only one side of your hair. Credit: All Things Hair.

Another easy option is to make the cord braid one sided and close to the head. To do this, in each turn you will have to take a little more hair and join it to the lock that you are going to intertwine. Once you are done, secure all your hair with an elastic and braid it. Finally, form a bun and fix it with bobby pins.

Chongo hairstyles for nurse

Woman with a low braided bun and curled locks in front
Details make a difference, even in simple hairstyles. Credit: All Things Hair.

A simple bun is much more special if it has some detail that can be seen from the front —for example, a twisted lock on each side— and if it is braided instead of rolled, like all the others.

Woman with low bun and Dutch braid
Tired of your chongo every day? Add a Dutch braid. Credit: All Things Hair.

Another way to elevate your style is by knitting two dutch braids —like the French ones, with the difference that you cross the locks below instead of above— that you will later gather in a bun. For volume, once the braids are in place, gently pull the sections to the sides.

Hairstyles for nurses with long hair

Woman with Nurses Braided Low Bun Hairstyle
Give your usual chonguito a twist, braiding it. Credit: All Things Hair.

Moisturizing creams combine the care benefits of a conditioner with the styling benefits of a styling cream. The Dove Anti-Knot Hydration daily moisturizer It is designed for the care of long hair that requires intensive moisturizing. Apply it to facilitate detangling and provide greater softness and control.

So that your long hair does not get in the way of your day, try the hairstyle in the image above. It consists of making a ponytail and braiding the locks: try to make two or three braids, depending on the thickness of your hair. Wrap the braids around the rubber band to form a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Braided hairstyles for nurses

Woman with two braids gathered around her head
Two braids can easily be turned into a work-friendly updo. Credit: All Things Hair.

To recreate this hairstyle, you have to do two french braids. You do not know how? Part your hair down the middle and take the top section from one side. Start braiding in a conventional way. Then continue working in the traditional pattern, but start adding more strands of hair. Before you cross a section over the center section, take some hair from the side of your head and include it in the section you’re going to cross over. When you’re done, repeat on the other side.

Now that you have your braids, bring each one to the opposite side, pinning it under the other braid. You will have a practical and very original collection!

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