10 hairstyles to hide a large forehead and look fabulous


Broader fronts can be a common insecurity—something we all face. We may not be able to control our proportions, but we have the power to express ourselves in a way that increases our self-confidence. For example, there are many hairstyles for a large forehead that not only disguise it, but also favorably accentuate other features. The shape of the face, the natural texture and the occasion are just some of the elements to take into account to find the perfect style. Get to work!

Bangs for large foreheads

Rihanna with long, straight bangs to hide her big forehead
If you want to cover your forehead completely, opt for long straight bangs, like Rihanna’s. Credit: Nicolas Khayat/Shutterstock.

Undoubtedly, a bang is the best way to hide a prominent forehead, since it covers it partially or completely. There is not just one that favors you, but you can choose from practically all the types of fringedepending on the rest of your physical characteristics and, of course, your taste.

Jenna Ortega with curtain fringe to hide her large forehead
The curtain fringe, which is so fashionable, will help you hide your forehead. If you have a narrow jaw, like Jenna Ortega, comb the ends out for balance. Credit: Shutterstock.

For example, a straight fringe (like Rihanna’s, in the first image) will make your face appear fuller and shorter. Instead, a short bangs it will create the illusion of a longer face. On the other hand, a curtain fringe (like Jenna Ortega’s, in the second image) favors almost everyone.

Editor’s tip: The bangs tend to get greasy from contact with the forehead and because we tend to touch it frequently. Even if you don’t wash the rest of your hair, wash your bangs before styling to keep them looking their best. He Sedal Lemon and Matcha shampoo it will leave it clean, light and shiny.

Hairstyles for round faces and large forehead

Christina Ricci with long side bangs for round face and big forehead
Long side bangs will do wonders to disguise a broad forehead. Follow the example of Christina Ricci. Credit: Shutterstock.

The parting you choose can have a big impact on where the eyes are drawn. A side parting will help shorten and soften the forehead. A side bangs and long is the most flattering for a round faceas it will cause a visual elongation effect.

Party hairstyles for big forehead

Rihanna with a high bun and two locks in front
The bangs in front frame the face and accentuate the chin. In the photo, Rihanna. Credit: Shutterstock.

When you divert attention from one focal point, you should move it to another. In the image, Rihanna She lets loose two thick locks that frame her face and accentuate her jawline. Plus, we love the 90s vibe of her hairstyle!

Easy hairstyles for large forehead

Model with low ponytail and deep side parting in Valentino SS 2020
If you have a straight cut and resist bangs, try the hairstyle worn by the models on the Valentino FW 2020 runway. Credit: Indigital.

A deep side parting complements round, square, and heart-shaped faces. If you wear your hair to cover your forehead and then tuck it behind your ear, you’ll achieve the same flattering effect of bangs, without having to go through the scissors.

This is a minimalist style that you will be able to recreate even if you have little experience with the comb. It is ideal for both daily and for a special occasion.

Editor’s tip: Spray a coat of TRESemmé Extreme spray to obtain the maximum level of fixation. Don’t worry, it won’t leave any residue.

Hairstyles for long hair and big forehead

Tyra Banks with hairstyle for long hair and big forehead
Even if she doesn’t have bangs, Tyra Banks manages to hide her forehead with a pronounced side parting. Credit: Shutterstock.

In theory, long hair is not the most flattering for a broad forehead. But if you like it and want to wear it without accentuating this feature, mark your parting on the side —the more pronounced, the more it will cover your forehead— and form some voluminous waves in your hair. You will achieve the desired balance.

Hairstyles for long face and big forehead

Woman with hairstyle for long face and big forehead at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini FW 2020
The large forehead is a common feature of oblong faces. This hairstyle, seen on the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini FW 2020 catwalk, is very flattering. Credit: Digital.

The last thing you want when dealing with a large forehead is for your haircut to elongate the shape and features of your face. If your face is oblong, a fringe below the eyebrows will visually shorten it. Also, seek to create the illusion of amplitude towards the sides: a blow-dry with a lot of volume and the ends outward will achieve this without fail.

Another option is to keep your cut above the shoulders to make your forehead appear shorter.

Editor’s tip: To obtain that volume, you have to work from the base. apply the Original Folicure mousse on damp hair before brushing to add body and thickness.

Hairstyles for oval face and large forehead

Rachel McAddams with bob cut, side parting and undone waves
The bob, side parting, and undone waves work together to deflect the eye from a prominent forehead. In the image, Rachel McAddams. Credit: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock.

A great way to draw attention away from your forehead is to make sure the volume of your hair doesn’t fall towards the ends, which can often happen with longer, thicker lengths. Short to medium cuts will help add some natural volume around the part.

Our recommendation? Opt for a court Bob and comb it with beach waves.

Updo hairstyles for big forehead

Nicole Kidman with a side-swept hairstyle for a large forehead
A slightly undone side updo works great to draw attention away from the forehead. That is why it is one of Nicole Kidman’s favorites. Credit: Shutterstock.

Avoid scooped backs, as they can harshly expose your entire hairline. Instead, a side scooped hairstyle, slightly loose and with a soft texture is a great way to flatter your features. As for the cut, ask your stylist to gradually thin the ends instead of cutting them straight.

Hide big forehead without bangs

Rihanna with curly hair, side parting and glued braids
If you don’t want to wear bangs, choose to comb your hair on the side, like Rihanna. Credit: John Salangsang/Shutterstock.

Gen Z may not be a fan, but the side part is one of the easiest ways to draw attention away from your forehead. To add a fun touch, you can adorn your hair with clips or braids. Of course, let the frontal locks frame your face so as not to completely expose the forehead.

  • Wear accessories that cover the forehead. Accessories such as hats, caps, berets, visors and scarves are a good alternative to hide a wide forehead.
  • His eyebrows are angular and high. Another way to hide a large forehead is by plucking the eyebrows at an angle and ensuring that they are in a high position. You can help yourself with makeup, micropigmentation or eyebrow laminate to achieve it.
  • resort to contouring. The most valuable makeup trick to hide a large forehead is quite simple. It is about creating a depth effect on the forehead to divert attention towards the center of the face. After applying your foundation, take one of a darker shade and apply a little to the hairline and sides by lightly dabbing with a sponge. Do it as close as possible to the hairline and blending very well so as not to create artificial cuts.

According to morphopsychology, the upper part of the face reflects the intellectual part. A large forehead is associated with a person who is intelligent, multitasking, organized and intuitive. It suggests critical thinking or analytical skills that help you succeed in whatever endeavor you undertake.

Morphopsychology is a pseudoscience of personality study that tries to address the supposed relationships between the morphological characteristics of a person’s face and their psychological profile.

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