10 movie websites to watch online movies and series for free

If you are tired of spending on subscriptions to NetflixHBO or Amazon Prime, here we will give you a list of pages so you can watch online movies and free series.

Stop spending your money paying for Netflix, HBO or Fox subscriptions to watch your favorite series. Now you can see them for free on Internet pages without worrying about spam. We share a complete list of the catalog to watch movies online for free and without risks. Enjoy the most successful feature films with your family and friends. 

Watching movies online for free has become one of the most common hobbies of thousands of people looking to enjoy seventh art from the comfort of their home. While it is true, the safest option to watch the best movies and premiere online series is by purchasing a streaming service like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu or Amazon Prime, you can even download full movies to watch them on your cell phone, not everyone can afford These memberships and premium accounts.

Another good way to watch free movies online is YouTube  because it has several free online movie channels  with movies, series and documentaries that do not infringe copyright; In its catalog you can find online films of various genres grouped in horror movies, action films, adult movies, science fiction movies and many others that every movie fan and seventh art can not miss.

Now it is true that streaming pages to watch free online movies today there are many, just go to Google and search for terms or words such as: watch online movies, free online movies, streaming movies, online movies and series, free movies on online, online movies 2018, pages to watch movies, movie channels on YouTube  etc. so that infinite results appear.

However, we must be very careful because when we click on the player, pop-up or suspicious link we can download viruses that damage our pc, tablet or cell phone.

And as we mentioned above, if you are one of those who prefer to go for the safe options to watch movies and series online such as Netflix,you will most likely want to review the hidden movie and series codes that will allow you to review categories of movies and series of horror, action movies, anime and movies by countries that many times the application to watch movies and series does not show you.

With this list of pages to watch series online, you will no longer have to ask yourself how and where to watch free movies or series in Spanish? Since we have filtered only those that are free pages, free of advertising and above all they do not force you to register through your Facebook account or personal mail. 

Pages to download movies and series online for free

1. Look At Everything

On this website, you can watch moviesseries and all the news related to the seventh art. In the same way, you will live the experience of watching a film from your cell phone or PC. To watch movies online for free, in Miradetodo, enter here and experience the magic of film tapes.

free online movies

Miradetodo is a page to watch free full movies and premiere series 24 hours a day. Created in 2009, it has a large repertoire of films and especially current series such as ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Vikings’, it is also a website that is constantly being reviewed and maintained. Even when the page has problems, they solve them immediately. 

Film: Bohemian Rapsody – Director: Bryan Singer – Genre: Drama

Movie: Jurassic World  – Director: Colin Trevorrow  – Genre: Action / Adventure Cinema

2. Pelis Plus

Pelisplus.tv  is a simple page where finding free movies is very easy since its interface allows you to navigate quickly and intuitively until you find the movie you want or your favorite series. It is also good to highlight the sharpness and speed of loading the page, and its extensive audiovisual catalog with all kinds of genres, TV series, documentaries, anime, and even cartoons.

Series: The Mentalist –  Creator: Bruno Heller

3. Watch Free

Watch movies online

Watch-free.me is an excellent page to watch free online movies of all genres and in all languages. Here you can find everything from war movies, thrillers, fantasy movies to classic movies like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Shark’ by renowned director Steven Spielberg and best of all, they are always updating their catalog with new movies and Last last episodes of the most successful series.

Film: Matrix – Director: Lana and Lilly Wachoski – Genre: Science Fiction

4. Snag Films

If you like watching classic movies online or you are a follower of independent cinema, Snalgfim is for you. Launched in Washington DC in 2008 by internet pioneer Ted Leonsis this portal divides its sections of films and series named “Explore the world”, stories of refugees and migrants “,” Famous before being “,” Celebrate pride “, “Goals” and many more. What fiilms online see? You can watch classic black and white movies like ‘El Niño’ by Charles Chaplin and other similar titles that won several Oscar Awards.

To see snagfilms, enter here and live the world of free online movies.  

Film: The Child – Director: Charles Chaplin  – Genre: Drama / Comedy

5. Viewster

Viewster is a site to watch independent online films, TV shows, series and anime since in your video library you will find different little-known options. In Viewster do not expect to find ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Stranger Things’, but they do have a license for more than 5000 movies and it stands out for content from animated series such as ‘Naruto Shippuden’ and not very commercial horror and suspense movies. In addition, since 2012 it offers video on demand via the App to watch movies via streaming on tablets and smartphones.

Series: Happy Tree Friends, Creators: Kenn Navarro, Rhode Montijo, Aubrey Ankrum

6. PopCornFlix

Watch movies and series online for free

If it is about movies and series online, Popcornflix must now be one of the best options on the web with very varied content, little publicity and a unique quality that stands out for its online series from the most current to some older ones. We recommend you subscribe, because that way you can access the extensive audiovisual catalog that includes famous titles such as ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Life is beautiful’, ‘Psychosis’ among others.

Film: Life is beautiful, Director: Roberto Benigni, Genre: Drama / Comedy

7. Classic Cinema Online 

If you are a fan of classic movies, then Classic Cinema Online is your thing. This portal allows you to watch old online movies that marked a milestone of famous actors such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brandon among others. In addition, you can also watch collection series, which are also classified into categories such as Action, Crime, Adventure, Military and many more. What movies online see here? Some recommendations are Dracula (1931), The Monster of the Black Lagoon (1954), 20,000 leagues of underwater travel (1955).

Movie:  Dracula, Director: Tod Browning, Genre: Horror / Thriller

8. Legally Free

Legally Free is a page where watching movies and series online is simply because it offers you an accurate and direct catalog. In addition to the classic categories that every online movie portal offers, this site highlights three that are not very common: Gore, Surreal and Eroticism, so don’t expect to find Marvel or Disney movies, as it offers more classic movies and independent.

Movie:  Psychosis – Director: Alfred Hitchcok – Genre: Horror / Thriller

9. TubiTV

If you are looking to watch HD movies online for free, Tubeplus is a good option because it has a very varied catalog of online films with some titles even this year. The best thing about watching movies online on this page is that it also allows you to download movies and watch them at another time whenever you want. 

Movie: Mad Max, Director: George Miller, Genre: Action / Adventure

Movie: The Lord of the Rings – Director: Peter Jackson – Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

10. Pelispedia.tv

Pelispedia is a website where you can watch thousands of movies and series completely free. This page not only offers you the classic tapes that you can see anywhere else, but also the most recent feature films such as ‘Glass’, ‘My prints home’ and ‘How to train my dragon 3’. However, on this website, you will only find subtitled productions.

Film: Glass – Director: M. Night Shyamalan – Genre: Terror

11. YouTube

Considered as the social network par excellence for watching videos, it is also possible to watch full movies online for free on YouTube because it has online movie listings and channels that specialize in uploading some royalty-free movies or ticket offices such as ‘Halloween’ by John Carpenter, ´Terminator ‘by James Cameron or current as’ The Origin’ by Cristopher Nolan.

To watch YouTube, it is a website specialized in videos, click here and have thousands of movies available.

Movie: Halloween – Director: John Carpenter – Genre: Horror / Thriller

Movie: Rambo – Director: Ted Kotcheff – Genre: Action / Adventure

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