You want to look like celebrities by Botox, then first know these things …

You will also hear about Botox. But perhaps it will not know about its entire process and the facts related to it. Experts say that before getting Botox, every information related to it should be taken.

Famous skin doctor B.L. Jangid has told about the myths associated with botox treatment for face-lift, anti-aging or wrinkle treatment, smooth, flawless skin.

– The pain of Botox injections is like any other normal injection. Post-Botox shot does not require painkillers. Botox needle is a very fine needle and the amount of injection is very low. Before treatment, a numbing gel is also applied.


– It is incorrect to believe that the face looks like plastic after botox. It only gives comfort to those muscles, where botox is injected. Botox treatment done properly by an experienced professional makes the skin wrinkle-free, soft and young to give a lift to the face.

– Botox effect lasted for about three months. The same area can be re-treated if there is no side effect or reaction.

– Skin cream does not reach the bottom layer of the skin to relieve muscles. So it is wrong to say that some skin creams work like botox.

– Botox is not plastic surgery. In Botox, only one needle is injected for a few minutes. The result of plastic surgery is permanent, while Botox is temporary.

– This is not the treatment of rich people. Nobody can do this. One session of Botox goes from 6,000 rupees to 20,000 rupees. Which depends on what part it has been in. Since the effect lasts approximately 4-6 months, the cost per month is not very high. 

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