#WhyIDidntReport, the hashtag in response to Trump’s insulting comment on sexual assault

While Judge Brett Kavanaugh was charged with sexual assault, Donald Trump was defending himself with a particularly ignorant and insulting tweet to the victims. Netizens responded en masse to his comment with the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport.

A few days ago, Christine Blasey Ford accused magistrate Brett Kavanaugh, the judge appointed by Donald Trump to sit on the Supreme Court, sexual assault in the 1980s. Recently, the US president was speaking on this issue by posting a tweet that has not failed to react on social networks because it insinuates that the victim should have spoken of his aggression immediately if it was really serious. “[…] If the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local law enforcement authorities by her loving parents. I ask him to bring these documents so that we can learn the date, time and place! “ , He wrote.

It should be known that only 30% of sexual assaults are reported to the authorities each year … which means that there is no official account of the majority of sexual violence in the United States. The absence of a police report on the alleged incident involving Kavanaugh thus proves nothing.

The victims of sexual assault were outraged by the insensitive and disgusting updates from Donald Trump and decided to mobilize on social networks with the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport (Why I did not report) . Many Internet users shared their personal and often painful reasons why they chose not to say anything about their aggression, be it a shame, fear or the belief that no one will believe them.

” I was 19. With a terrifying look in his eyes, he hit me, grabbed both my wrists with one hand and tried to unbutton my pants with the other, I kicked him so hard. as possible in the crotch and I ran out, he did not rape me so I thought ‘nothing’ had happened. ” said Meredith Salenger. “The first time it happened, I was 7. I told the first adults I saw, they said, ‘Oh, he’s a good old man. not what he wanted to do. ‘ So when I was raped at the age of 15, I only told it in my diary, and when an adult read it, she accused me of having sex with an adult man. ” ; revealed actress Ashley Judd. “Because my father-in-law raped me, a black boy, I knew people would not believe anyone else could have done that, “Preston Mitchum said.

These are thousands of people alongside these stars who have tweeted their stories. If that probably will not change the view of Donald Trump, hopefully this hashtag will help the majority to understand why Christine Blasey Ford chose to keep quiet about his sexual assault but also to ensure that the victims feel less alone and dare to talk about their experience.

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