Why cold showers are healthy

Cold showers stimulate the burning of fat, support the regeneration of the muscles and help against depression. With just a little courage and goosebumps, we can daily boost our health, revitalize and refresh our bodies.

Cold showers harden

A cold shower and a cold bath initially need a little courage. However, during a cold shower, signals are sent to the brain within a short time that warm the body.

Cold showers provide deeper breathing that naturally warms the body and increases total oxygen intake. At the same time, the heart rate is increased, the circulation throughout the body is stimulated and the energy level for the day is increased.

The body becomes more adaptable to future stressors and thus generally hardy.

Cold showers improve blood circulation

Cold showers promote blood circulation throughout the body, provide better care for our vital organs and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Cold showers strengthen the blood vessel walls, protect against varicose veins and hardening of the arterial walls. They lower blood pressure, improve the pumping ability of the heart and strengthen the body’s defenses.

Cold showers help against depression

Cold showers cause an adrenaline rush. The cold water stimulates the cold receptors on the skin, sending a lot of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain. This creates an antidepressant effect and increases the mood.

In the case of depression and a bad mood, special showers are very helpful:

  1. First, start with a warm shower.
  2. Then shower cold for 2 minutes (water temperature 3 degrees).
  3. 1-minute warm shower again.
  4. 2 minutes cold shower (water temperature 3 degrees).
  5. Shower off warm for 1 minute.
  6. 2 minutes cold shower (water temperature 3 degrees).

Cold showers are good for skin and hair

Cold showers provide a refreshing and healthy look of skin and hair. Warm water often causes our hair to become brittle and dry out.

Cold water narrows the pores and protects them from constipation and invading dirt. It tightens the skin, promotes blood circulation and prevents excessive skin oil loss.

In turn, cold water gives the hair a shiny appearance, strengthens the hair and strengthens hair follicles.

Cold showers improve athletic performance

Cold showers promote muscle regeneration after exercise, relieve muscle pain and help the body recover.

Especially cold baths after a workout relieve muscle soreness and promote regeneration.

Cold showers promote fat burning

The human body has 2 types of fatty tissue, the white and brown fat. The white fat is produced when more calories are consumed than necessary and these are not burned in the form of energy. This fat accumulates at the waist, back, neck and thighs.

The brown fat, on the other hand, is the good fat that generates heat to keep us warm. It is activated in extreme cold.

Cold showers promote the activity of brown fat and thus promote increased calorie consumption and the reduction of white fat.

All these positive qualities are good reasons to take a cold shower every day. The circulation-stimulating and invigorating effect will, in the long run, have a very positive effect on our health, our well-being and our energy. The best way to start today is with the first cold shower … With a bit of courage just shower off after a warm shower. It is worth it.

In the right time

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