What numbers do you see? Your response to this viral challenge will measure your visual ability

While many people get into trouble for trying viral challenges with dangerous feats, optical illusions and visual challenges are an entertaining option, as well as safe for those who want to get out of the routine.

That is why a contest in social networks has been unleashed with an image of points with hidden numbers, which intends for the observer to discover four digits and at the same time identify, according to the figure he saw, the visual problem he suffers.

The image has many puzzled trying to discover the possibilities and equal the number seen by others, who try to match their defect in vision with the one related to numbers.

However, many professionals in ophthalmology and optometry have warned that the best way to find problems in the eyes, is to assist with a health expert and not rely on this type of ‘diagnosis’.

Possible answers with their visual ills:

The results are 3246 if you suffer from astigmatism and myopia if you see the 3240 for astigmatism alone, 1246 if you suffer from myopia and 1240 for those fortunate enough to have a perfect vision.

Tell us, what number did you see?

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