Meaning of Love (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is love and what is love definition? – Love is a feeling of universal affection for a person, animal or thing.

Love also refers to a feeling of emotional and sexual attraction towards a person with whom you want to have a relationship or coexistence under the same roof.

Love is expressed through actions, love messages, declarations of love and love poems.

 what is love

Love is symbolically represented through a heart or the figure of Cupid with bow and arrow. For example, a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow symbolizes romantic love; instead, a broken heart represents heartbreak.

The term love can also have other meanings, it depends on how it is used. It is, for example, the dedication and pleasure with which something is done, for example: “I organize your party with a lot of love.”

The word love is also used as an adjective when it is indicated that a person is charming, pleasant or sympathetic: “Rosa is a person’s love”.

What is Love Definition – Love as courage

Love is one of the most important values. It is the force that drives us to do things right, so it is considered a value that has very clear the difference between good and evil.

Love is a moral feeling because it induces us to act well in our lives and with the people we love. In addition, it leads us to have a life full of peace, tranquility and joy, and, consequently, of well-being with ourselves.

Platonic love

Platonic love is popularly known as that impossible or unrequited love, which endures as an ideal or fantasy. All this is because Plato argued that love was based on virtue, that it was perfect and did not exist in the real world, therefore it was ideal and unattainable.

What is Love – True love

Meaning of Love (What it is, Concept and Definition)

True love is the feeling of affection and genuine commitment that one person feels for another. It is an idealized concept of love, very typical of romanticism, according to which there is a pure and total love that we all aspire to reach with our partner, which is true love.

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What is Love Definition – Love at first sight

Love is spoken at first sight as a crush that occurs immediately between two people. This occurs because people identify the idealized partner in the other, that is, a set of stereotypes that we associate with the ideal life partner.

Many believe that love at first sight is a myth, that there is only a momentary attraction, but that love as such is built only over the years.

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Clandestine love

Clandestine love is the one in which two people, for different reasons or circumstances, are prohibited from being together. However, they insist on living their relationship in secret. An example of clandestine love was that of Romeo and Juliet, whose hostile families prevented them from being together.

What is Love – Distance love

what is love

Distance love is one that exists between two people who, although they have a relationship, are circumstantially living in different places. It is a type of relationship that has always existed but has become quite common in these times, thanks to the evolution of telecommunications.

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is called the one in which the person makes a total surrender without expecting anything in return. Examples of unconditional love are, for religious, love for God, but we can also refer to the love of a father or mother to a child. They are forms of love that are considered unique and special.

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What is Love – Filial love

There is the talk of filial love in reference to the one that exists from children to parents. It is a form of love in which there is a hierarchy on the part of the father based on authority, respect and protection. The son loves his father but understands that he must obey him since he is the person who educates and protects him.

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