What are the types of Farts, 11 fun facts to know

Inside this article, we are going to talk about how many types of farts are there? Tell us your thoughts at the end of the article. Farting is a very common thing. By the way, people do not like to talk about farts. Many people consider it a dirty thing and they think that it will be shameless to talk about it. But actually, the fart is not a dirty thing. But we are all taught from childhood that the fart is dirty.

Actually, there are two ways to get the air back from the body. The first way is belching but it does more than the body The gas does not come out and the second way is the fart, through which a large amount of gas comes out.

When we eat food, we also inhale gas with it. After the food is digested, some food remains, which bacteria work to break it down. Due to which the gas is released and it is the fart, there is more methane gas inside the fart. If you collect it and set it on fire, then it can easily catch fire. However, the fart is not harmful in any way.

Many people think that farting is a very bad habit and people have been considering it bad from generation to generation, but in reality, farting is a good thing because it is very good for health. It is that you are eating a good amount of fiber and digestive bacteria are also present inside you.

Now the question may also come in front of you that why does the smell come inside the fart? So there is a reason behind this too. Red meat, cabbage, dairy products, beans and green cabbage all contain hydrogen sulfide, which produces an odor. Sulfur is the reason for the odor in the fart. However, sulfur is not present in every type of food. Some food is also of this type. There is no smell of any kind inside the fart.

Different types of farts and what they mean

The Blame Fart

As the name suggests. This is such a fart. When you are standing with your friends and suddenly you feel that someone has farted, then you ask other friends who farted? While your friends ask you who got the fart? But in this, no one can know the address of the student until he himself tells it. Usually, many times when we were in the classroom inside the school, it was not known which student has done it. There was only the smell of fart.

How many types of fart – Running Fart?

As is clear from the name. When you are running, suddenly a gas balloon moves towards you. In such a situation, your running speed becomes very slow. And with a loud sound, this gas comes out from inside. However, in such a situation, you increase your speed later to avoid the smell. This has happened to me many times. And if someone is running with you, he can laugh at you and even make fun of you.

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Laughing Fart

A laughing fart is when you are standing with your friends and suddenly when the fart comes, you deliberately give a fart towards the friends and after that, all the friends start laughing. By the way, let us tell you that there were many boys inside our school who used to do this type of work. Whenever he had a fart, he would fart loudly and then run out of the Kalash and we had to close our noses because we all could not go out of the classroom. After that, we told the teacher that whoever gets a fart, will go out of the class and walk.


This is a very dangerous condition of the fart. In which you try to fart but can’t get the farter. Behind this you feel that what is coming is not the fart, it is probably stool or something. In such a situation, you stop the fart from coming. If this happens again and again, then you have to move towards the bathroom but no one realizes it except you.

False Alarm fart

This is a very useless fart. In this, you make a mistake. You may think that what you are giving up is just a fart but that fart is accompanied by a stool. And you know it after you leave. It comes in a very useless situation.

What are the types of Farts – Silent Fart?

It is a silent fart when it comes out then no one knows it just smells near people but because of your whispers others come to know that you have this mischief then you should be ashamed too may fall.

High sound Fart

Friends, many times when your stomach is very bloated and you want the fart to come very fast, then you try to bring the fart and when the fart comes, it comes with a very loud sound and you also feel relaxed. is felt.

Control fart

When you are sitting in a public place many times and you get a fart, then you control it and put it out in such a way that no one can hear its voice. It spreads the smell inside the entire environment outside.

Girls are ashamed to fart

types of farts and meaning

The environment of our society has become in such a way that girls here have to live in shame and shame. And no matter how educated a girl maybe, she still cannot leave her shame. It is not that girls do not fart, but they cannot fart in front of everyone. Science says that the same amount of gas is produced inside the body of girls as boys.

But many boys believe that girls do not have a fart. Have you heard a girl farting? Today I am 32 years old but I had heard the girl farting only 2 times. And I have listened to the boys so many times.

Is smelling fart bad for you?

We find the smell of farts to be very bad. But in 2014, the University of Exeter published in the journal Medicinal Chemistry Communications, it has been reported that smelling the smell of fart can be good for health. There is hydrogen sulfide inside the fart, which proves useful for the mitochondria present inside our body.

In women’s the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is higher in females. This means that the fart of females is more smelly than that of males.

Fart Competition has held in Gujarat

Many things keep happening strangely inside this world. In the year 2019, a fart competition was organized inside Gujarat. You may laugh to hear this but it is completely real. Whoever wins inside this competition Prizes were announced.

3 types of categories were placed inside this fart competition. Long fart, fast bang fart and melodious fart. It was held on 22nd September 2019 and its rule was that everyone had to come here and show their talent. And every person was given only 60 seconds to show his talent. This is said about this fart competition. It was said that many users had also registered on it and the winner was to be given a prize ranging from 1500 to 5000. However, its entry fee was kept at Rs 100. Started having fun. One user wrote that carrying one more pair of underwear with you. While some users said that this mask-making company can do it.

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After that, when the time of the competition came, 200 people were to come inside it but only 3 people came. Only 2 of them could not get the fart because the fart did not come under pressure. Green masks were made for the judges but none worked and they went away with the reward.

The reason behind this type of competition not being successful is that the farter is not considered here with a good eye and people consider it a waste of time to go inside such type of work, due to which it is not accessible here like abroad. Huh.

Some fun facts about fart

How many types of farts are there

Friends, let’s know about some fun facts related to fart.

The nerves that differentiate between the fart and the stool are present in the anus. But sometimes when the stool is thin, these nerves are not able to differentiate properly and the stool also comes out with the fart.

You will be surprised to know that in air travel, people leave their fart more often. There have been many such incidents when the airplane had to land due to the fart. Although now there is a filter installed inside the airplane.

According to scientists, it is not right to stop the fart. This gas can cause your headache. Apart from this, if one keeps the fart held for a long time, then it automatically comes out in sleep. You must have seen that some people fart inside their sleep, it is due to this reason.

By the way, almost all types of organisms live on the earth, but most of the fart kills termites and the amount of methane gas inside its fart is very high. 

With the help of medicines, you can change the scent of your fart. Now scientists have made such medicines, after eating which your fart will smell of rose and perfume and no one will know that it is fart, they will feel that it is Has a nice smell.

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Do you believe that someone should be caught for farting but a Florida student who was 13 years old was caught by the police for farting.

You will be surprised to know that you cannot fart inside the space, the passengers who go inside the space are sent after special testing. This is because matter and gas cannot separate if there is no gravitational force in space.

Chimps are very fast. You can easily find out where they are sitting by listening to their fartsteps.

During the Middle Ages people would put their fart inside a jar. And then smell it. The reason behind doing this was their belief that it could save them from death.

Even after the death of a human, he can remove the weight of the fart for about 3 hours. If a dead person does this then you should not be afraid because it is natural.

FAQs about Farts – 11 Fun Facts to Know

Q1.What are farts?

Farts are the release of gas from the digestive system through the rectum, accompanied by a characteristic sound and sometimes an odor.

Q2. Are all farts the same?

No, farts can vary in terms of sound, odor, and intensity. Factors such as diet, digestion, and individual variations contribute to the differences.

Q3.What causes farts?

Farts are primarily caused by the digestion process. When we eat or drink, air can get trapped in the digestive system, and the body releases it through farting.

Q4. Are there different types of farts?

Yes, there are different types of farts. Some common types include silent farts, loud farts, squeaky farts, and wet farts. Each type has its own unique characteristics.

Q5. Can farts be controlled?

To some extent, farts can be controlled by consciously holding them in or releasing them. However, trying to hold in gas for a prolonged period can be uncomfortable and may lead to bloating or other digestive issues.

Q6. Why do farts sometimes smell bad?

The odor of farts can vary depending on various factors, including the foods we eat, the bacteria in our digestive system, and the presence of sulfur compounds in certain foods. These factors contribute to the unpleasant smell.

Q7. Are farts a sign of a health problem?

In most cases, farting is a normal bodily function and not a sign of a health problem. However, excessive or unusually smelly farts could indicate an underlying digestive issue and should be checked by a medical professional.

Q8. Can holding in farts be harmful?

Holding in farts for extended periods can cause discomfort and bloating. It can also lead to the buildup of gas in the digestive system, potentially resulting in abdominal pain or distension.

Q9. Do women fart as much as men?

Yes, women fart just as much as men. The frequency and volume of farts can vary from person to person, regardless of gender.

Q10. Can farting be embarrassing?

Farting can be embarrassing in certain social situations due to societal norms and etiquette. However, it’s a natural bodily function that everyone experiences.

Q11. Are there any health benefits to farting?

While farting itself may not have direct health benefits, it can provide relief from bloating and discomfort caused by trapped gas in the digestive system. It’s a natural way for the body to release excess gas.

More FAQs:

Q1. Are farts harmful to our health?

A1. In most cases, farting is harmless and a normal part of the digestive process. However, excessive flatulence or persistent foul-smelling farts may indicate underlying gastrointestinal issues that should be addressed by a healthcare professional.

Q2. Can certain foods cause more gas?

A2. Yes, certain foods such as beans, cabbage, onions, and carbonated drinks are known to cause increased gas production. Everyone’s tolerance to these foods may vary, so it’s important to identify which ones may trigger excessive flatulence in individual cases.

Q3. How can I reduce farting in public or social settings?

A3. To minimize embarrassment, consider discreetly excusing yourself to a restroom when needed. Additionally, being mindful of your diet, avoiding carbonated drinks, and incorporating regular physical activity can help manage and reduce gas production.

Q4. Are there any medical conditions associated with excessive flatulence?

A4. Yes, conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), lactose intolerance, and certain gastrointestinal infections can lead to increased flatulence. If you experience persistent or concerning symptoms, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Please note that the information provided here is for general knowledge and entertainment purposes only. If you have specific concerns about your health or digestive system, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional.

                      Inside the article, we learned how many types of farts are there and also got to know about some fun facts about farts. We hope you liked this article.