Violet hair in brunettes is the perfect tone to renew your ‘look’


Violet hair in brunettes is synonymous with strength and freedom. Also known as the color of feminism, the purple yesIt symbolizes the achievements obtained and to come.

If you like the fancy dyes and you are looking for one that can suit every skin tone and personality, looking completely spectacular, then you came to the right place.

Of course, remember that the trick to get a looks harmonious and flattering lies in choosing the color that best suits the warm or cold variations of your complexion and, of course, the technique you use to show it off.

Violet black hair in brunettes

Justine Skye with short violet hair for brunettes
Justine Skye teaches us how to make an interesting change of ‘look’ if you have dark skin and hair. Credit: Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

Violet black hair is a bet as elegant as it is original. This tone will not only give your hair a lot of shine, but it will also highlight your features.

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Burgundy: Violet Hair on Brunettes

Rihanna with curly burgundy hair for brunettes
Rihanna’s burgundy hair highlights her features. Credit: Matt Baron/EIB/Shutterstock.

This is a perfect shade for brunettes who want to show off reddish hair. best of burgundy dye is that depending on how the light hits it, it can look coppery or even purple.

Violet: grape color hair on brunettes

Sasha Banks with Grape Violet Hair for Brunettes
The grape color that Sasha Banks wears is ideal if you prefer striking tones. Credit: Startraks/Shutterstock.

If there is a purple tone that looks splendid on warm skin, it is the grape color. And it is that, being a color that blends perfectly with dark hair, it does not require complete bleaching.

Deep Violet Hair on a Brunette

Brunette woman with deep purple hair
The intensity of ultraviolet hair will captivate you. Credit:

If you are not afraid of color intensity, you should give ultraviolet hair a chance. It is ideal for creating striking contrasts, giving it an extremely rebellious and youthful character.

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Gray hair with light violet in brunettes

Brunette woman with gray and light purple hair
An unexpected combination that will give your ‘look’ a twist. Credit:

This powdery version of the purple hair color is perfect for the bold personality. The key to getting a faded finish is to play with the length of time you’re exposed to the stain. Ask your colorist to incorporate other warm tones like lavender, pink, or magenta.

Lilac hair in brunettes

Kylie Jenner with lilac hair for brunettes, long straight lilac hair
Kylie Jenner loves to experiment with color, whether it’s with dyes or wigs. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

Halfway between the showy and the subtle, the lilac hair it is one of our favourites. Whether you wear it all over your hair, in highlights or just at the ends, it will attract all the attention.

Violet hair in brunettes with Chinese hair

Justine Skye with purple hair for brunettes
The intensity of violet hair makes it simply irresistible. Word of Justine Skye. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

Although it is a fantasy coloration, violet hair is perfect for brunettes looking for a much more elegant and discreet finish.

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Dark violet chestnut on brunettes

Woman with dark violet brown hair
Violet brown hair is a discreet and modern coloration. Credit:

Violet brown is a smoky reddish tone that leaves a shiny effect that favors all skin types, especially brunettes. Without a doubt, it is one of the most versatile colorations that exist.

Dark violet tint on brunettes

Woman with semi-wavy dark violet tint
Violet tones favor brown skin. Credit:

The advantage of the wine color is that it maintains its warm undertones, without compromising its depth and dimension. Do you dare to wear it?

Reddish Violet Hair in Brunettes

brunette woman with reddish violet hair
The purple tint works well with all shades. Credit:

This dye is a warm, bold and innovative red that you will not be able to resist. In addition, it adds shine to the complexion and a rejuvenating effect.

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