To the root | Shiv Roy: behind the executive cut as a symbol of power and control


Let’s talk about Shiv Roy, or as the heading of this section says: let’s get to the root…

In a family nucleus where weakness, innocence and passivity are completely unacceptable, Siobhan Roy —from the acclaimed television series succession— stands out with an imposing personality, a reasonable temperament and a strategic essence in constant struggle to defend their personal interests. And it is that, despite the fact that the wardrobe does not steal the leading role in the production, there is a whole team of experts behind it that manages to create a precise image design for the character that Sarah Snook masterfully interprets. It is precisely through the sober outfits and the executive cut that Shiv presents herself as a powerful woman to the viewer.

Beyond the style, the only sister Roy uses her hair as an extension of her personality and her emotional state. In the first episodes, she is revealed as an independent woman, but far from the family nucleus. Her loose, carefree, and shapeless hair plays an important role in showing her carefree and out of place, oblivious to the huge media conglomerate everyone has their eyes on. That all changes, however, when Shiv puts aside her career as a political adviser and joins the war for the throne at Waystar Royco, the company founded and run by her father, Logan Roy.

Shiv Roy from Succession with long wavy hair
Shiv Roy’s hair in ‘Succession’ reflects his fears and discomfort in the family business. Credit: Hbo/Kobal/Shutterstock.

The understated color palette, as well as the tight-waisted garments in stiff, warm fabrics and turtleneck sweaters, reflect Shiv’s discomfort with the family head, a cold, manipulative and ruthless man, willing to do anything. whatever it takes to maintain your power.

As the series progresses, Shiv faces pressure from his family and competition with his brothers for control of his father’s business empire, while trying to maintain his integrity and moral values ​​in a corrupt and ruthless world.

The plot reaches a point where she is out of place, feels drowned and needs protection. Next act, becoming CEO of the company becomes her main objective. Who has to spend to log it? It doesn’t matter. Right at the moment that she takes command and promises to get the highest position at all costs, her image changes completely.

Although her wardrobe still consists of structured silhouettes and neutral colors, in the second season, a Bob asymmetric makes her way with the new version of Siobhan: strong, determined and with a certain defiant air.

succession is a series that demonstrates the power and capacity of women at the helm of multimillion-dollar companies. Rhea Jarrell, Gerri Kellman and even Karolina and the Pierce cousins… They all have one thing in common: the executive cut. Straight, angular and polished, this shows seriousness, responsibility and stability.

Shiv Roy Executive Bob Cut in Succession
The asymmetrical ‘bob’ cut represents the courage and seriousness of Shiv Roy before the family conglomerate. Credit: HBO/Kobal/Shutterstock.

In the real world, powerful women in different spheres have adopted the same cut, from Michelle Obama to Ivanka Trump and, of course, Anna Wintour. So is he Bob a symbol of authority and control?

Let’s think about how hair serves as a cultural tool that we use to express ourselves and reflect who we are. That is, it becomes part of a public image. Specifically, the cut Bob has always been considered a feminist manifestosince it was with him that women embraced a liberal lifestyle in the 1920s. The rebels of the time, known as flappersThey moved away from macho oppression, displacing the corset, wearing short skirts and cutting their hair.

In the 60s, the cut Bob it was adopted by many women in the business world. It was not a random decision. This style is composed of angles and straight lines. In semiotics, right angles, such as those seen in a square or rectangle, are often associated with stability, security, and tranquility, qualities that are necessary in this context. Straight lines relate to structure and order. When used in a design, they can convey a sense of organization and clarity, but also rigidity or inflexibility.

Let’s not forget that the devil is in the details. Whenever Shiv loses control, his hair becomes frizzy, disheveled and out of control. When everything seems to flow in his favor, his looks It is perceived more polished and stylized. The texture, volume and condition of the hair are calculated to reflect how the character experiences each situation.

as the flappersShiv is the contemporary woman seeking to break free from the patriarchal system. From the 20th century to succession, he Bob it has survived over time, representing strong women, who take the reins of their own lives. In this case, it’s armor against the Logan Roy family conglomerate (and everything that goes with the imposing fictional last name).

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