COVID-19: 6 tips for living in harmony with loved ones during confinement

COVID-19: 6 tips for living in harmony during confinement – After the closure of schools, daycare centers and many businesses, knowing that we will be 24 hours a day with our roommate or family members inside 4 walls is somewhat scary. How to avoid baffles at a time when emotions are already on edge? We have prepared a short survival guide for you in order to maintain a good mood in your home.

Take time for yourself

6 tips for living in harmony during confinement

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One of the most important things right now is taking time with your “inner self” every day. Find at least 1 hour in your day to be at peace, alone in a corner of your home. Whether it be reading, listening to music, taking a candlelight bath, training or meditating, you have to be physically and mentally distant from the people with whom you are confined. I understand that it can be a little more difficult with children, but try to establish a routine that gives you this time of day, to everyone.

Organize activities and challenges

6 tips for living in harmony during confinement

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To avoid conflicts and emphasize the positive, organize small activities or daily challenges. Invent a recipe for the next meal using eccentric ingredients, make a blindfolded drawing contest or put on a fashion show with clothes from the back of the drawers. An activity that does not involve television or cleaning is excellent for the morale of the troops. Missing ideas? There are tons of suggestions for the whole family right here!  

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Chat with loved ones “virtually”

It goes without saying that we all miss family and friends during this period of confinement (those with whom we are not confined, of course). Plan a daily or weekly time slot to speak with your friends, grandparents and colleagues. More than ever, we must take news from each other and break this loneliness that can be felt by many. Have a virtual aperitif or dinner for birthdays, have lunch with mami and grandpa on Skype, or talk on FaceTime with your best friend for hours like you did when you were a teenager.

Go out for some fresh air

6 tips for living in harmony during confinement

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Despite the announcement of complete containment, it is not prohibited to go outside in the yard or on the balcony to breathe the fresh air. This is great because spring is upon us and there is a lot to do outside, without having to come into contact with other people. Take a walk in your neighborhood, clean up the yard, wash the windows, put your chairs on the balcony and get ready for the summer season!

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Divide tasks at home

6 tips for living in harmony during confinement

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Being in the same space day after day means that the brothel can quickly set up. Avoid household chores always falling on the same people and divide your work! Everyone is responsible for a room and must keep this place clean daily. The same goes for meals and dishes! Make a menu and write the name of who does what for meal preparation.

Make a schedule

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It can be destabilizing for many to find themselves in front of so much time! This week, I saw households circulating on social networks who prepared daily schedules in order to maintain good mental and physical health. When you’re busy, it leaves less room for negative emotions. By integrating moments for housework, moments for oneself, activities, a little home learning, a moment outside every day and meals, time passes rather quickly.

It is possible to live this period of confinement in a positive way! You just have to see how fortunate we are to be healthy and together and do the best we can on a daily basis.

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