Three easy tips to re-boost your tired brain

Back to school is difficult to tackle and you feel slouching during the day? Do not panic, here are some simple tips for you to re-boost in seconds.

Chewing gum
A study has shown that it makes you more alert, reduces stress and helps to produce better quality work. The reason is not clear, but the researchers assume that chewing gum stimulates the senses (taste, touch, smell), increasing alertness and improving mood. 
Inspire by counting to 5, hold your breath counting as much, then expire at the same rate, all for 3 minutes, allows you to regain clarity of mind. It is even better if it is done while walking, physical activity accentuating the de-stressing effect. 
We know that odors exert enormous power over emotions. In this case, peppermint would give a nice boost. 

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