This is the number of times you fall in love in your life

The processes of falling in love work differently in men and women, and although there is no exact truth or science to explain how love works, a study revealed the average number of times people fall in love throughout their lives.

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Because the feelings of love are generated in the brain, the expert in the neurobiology of the National Institute of Psychiatry of Mexico, Eduardo Calixto, was consulted to detail and explain the behavior of the human being when he falls in love:

“Our brain is prepared to fall in love 7 times in life and to love up to 2 or 3 people at the same time .”

On the other hand, there are investigations that ensure that we are only capable of falling in love three times in life, because we went through three different stages:

The first love

Usually, the first love comes when we are young, so our way of thinking is very immature and unrealistic, we believe that everything is pink. In the first love we give everything away regardless of the consequences of our actions, and things go even further if both are equally in love. You do not listen to anyone’s comments or opinions, you only care about living their love in a big way.

The second love

It is the one that gives us the most lessons, about who we are and how we like to be loved. According to your first love experience, you think twice before giving your heart and especially in your decisions. This is when you really learn to face problems as a couple, and how to solve them. A very important point is that with your second love, you think more about yourself, before the other person, so you lose the illusion that your relationship should be like a fairy tale.

The third love

This is usually the most complicated because it arrives unexpectedly. The third love complicates our existence because you do not feel sure of how much you can achieve as a couple, much less have expectations. This is when you think better if that person really suits you, instead of falling madly in love. However, you feel happy and grateful because they love each other just as they are.

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And you, how many times have you fallen in love?

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