These pictures prove that each of us is the author of his own fairy tale

Fantastic stories tell miracles and are full of magic, mythical creatures and superheroes, and good always wins. It seems that in reality, all this is unimaginable and yet, fairy tales happen more often than you think. You only have to look a little closer.

Nice has found for you pictures in which the real world and magic meet.

If nothing around you makes you happy, be imaginative

And that will open the doors of a magical world

The characters of the fairy tales will be part of the reality

And you will realize that the Disney princesses live among us

Just like the real heroes

No need to go for miracles in the depths of the forest

Neither in haunted castles

Anyone can do little miracles

Just reach out

And the world will open to you

Even wild animals will remember you

And maybe in the end, the one who has enough patience will see this Hogwarts letter coming

An ordinary girl can very well meet her prince charming

And live happily with him until the end of his days

Because it’s up to us to decide what critics will write about our film

And you, do you also believe that our life can look like a fairy tale?

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