These are the Things that make a Girl Ugly

I do not mean appearance, because I have always been a faithful believer that all women are beautiful. I refer to those actions that impoverish the interior of a girl, and although “more” pretty “that is physical, make it a woman nothing interesting.

Pretend an accent just by status.

With an accent, I mean to talk like strawberry girls. Nobody talks like that in a normal way! Obviously, that “accent” is forced, and although girls do not believe it; It drives us crazy.

In a few words: It is not sexy, nor authentic.

Not having a topic of conversation.

It is not that we are all scholars at the time of speaking, but we like that a girl tells us about her or that she can talk about any serious or trivial subject without cutting the thread of the conversation is very important.

If they spend talking about gossip or criticizing their friends, we simply disconnect.

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Wanting to be paid for everything.

We are not a bank, nor are we millionaires! We love women who want to split the account or who decide to give us nice details. Not one who is only with us for interest.

Do not value friendship.

I’ve run into many girls who spend their time talking about their “best friends” … And it just makes me think: “How will you talk about me with them?”

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Be materialistic

We all want things in life and it’s fine. But when your borders exceed the obsession to want to always have the best cell phone, fashion shoes, expensive bag, etc … Your charm simply decays.

A person is not worth the cost you saw or the cell phone that you bring, it’s worth it because of their way of being, thinking and acting.

Not have goals

A girl who does not have one or who has but does not do anything to achieve them discourages very much. Everyone in this life must have goals, they are the gasoline that motivates us every day to get up with attitude and good energy.

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Believe that everything is appearance.

All people have a bit of vanity (some more than others) and believe that it is necessary to buy brands of expensive cosmetics to live with tons of makeup on top of you, is simply unreal. That does not make them better than all the other women.

I know that they like to look pretty for yourselves and did not criticize him if they have a passion for him, the problem is when this becomes an obsession that takes them away from reality.

Do not have your own opinion.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and has her own opinion for what is put in front of her. Comment and do it safely in your words!

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To say that all men are equal.

Not all men, nor all women are equal. Maybe some treat everyone equally and that is why they have not realized the uniqueness of each person. Repeating trite phrases does not make them interesting, in fact; they just take away opportunities.

Do not believe in you

If you do not consider yourself beautiful, valuable, intelligent, strong, etc … Nobody else will! And you could fall into depression.

The most important and sincere advice I can give you is to be true to yourself. If you do the things that you believe from the bottom right, little by little you will go knowing better who you really are.

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