These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy

Even sports side, the trend is rife. While some people want to reconnect with themselves through Zen activities, others seek to spend as much as possible. Cardio, toning, de-stressing … what sporting activities do you have to sign up for in the fall?

The trampoline

Said like that, the trampo does not announce anything new, but when it is called Ubound, Jumping fitness, Bounce or Trampo Fitness and that it promises you a session well cardio, that changes everything!
During a fitness trampoline class, everyone has their individual trampo. During generally 30 minutes (it is intense, so it’s short), we follow the exercises either by jumping all the way up, or by taking advantage of the rebound on a part of the body, or by playing with the effect sheathing caused by instability.

The top: many parts of the body can be mobilized without harsh shock. And this type of fitness is very fun to practice as if we fall back childhood!
The downside: people afraid to bounce on a small trampoline will not be comfortable. This activity is to be avoided by pregnant women.

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy


While climbing will be part of the new sports at the next Olympic Games, the craze is felt. In Paris, places where you can practice indoor climbing on large walls or on a block (understand on parts of artificial walls built according to the desired difficulty) have opened recently. Murmur, Arkose ( more info here ), BlockOut … places where you learn to climb without apprehension.

The top: climbing allows you to build muscles with finesse and this, throughout the body. In addition, climbing or climbing makes flexibility work. Finally, when we start to master, we can then go to train in nature, which procures an incredible feeling of freedom.
The downside: Not easy when you are afraid of emptiness … The practice of climbing is not pleasant for people who feel pain in the joints.

Indoor climbing, a sport among the physical activities more and more practiced …

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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Arkose, a place to practice indoor climbing.

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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The Mihabodytec

MihaBodyTec is a method of electrostimulation of muscles that, combined with movements, intensifies the effects. We wear a wetsuit connected to carefully placed electrodes, and we follow the instructions of a coach or a screen to perform a series of movements for a few seconds.
An electric shock comes to tickle the muscles to cause a contraction. A session lasts between 10 and 20 minutes in general.
In Paris, Action Sport has opened studios where you can practice with a coach. More info here.
To find out where to practice near you, click here.

The top: The boosted effect of electrostimulation is incredible. We come out totally cramped! The muscle mass is tonic really intensely and quickly.
The downside: It must be admitted that it is not super nice, because the dose of electricity on your muscle must reach a threshold that is at the limit of pain …


Another new sport that will be represented at the next Olympic Games, as surprising as it is: the skateboard. From the street to the competition, there are many stages and do not forget that skateboarding is also a fun and practical way to get around.
In many cities, there are covered skate parks where you can take classes and train.
To find a skatepark near you, see here.
In Paris, the Paris Skate Club offers courses for adults, more info here.

The top: In skateboarding, we get muscle legs and buttocks and for a little that we try the figures, the rest of the body also strengthens. Moreover, we work on his sense of balance.
The downside: Do not be afraid to fall (and therefore never forget your protections!). Or to train alongside teenagers who dream of becoming muses Vans or Volcom!

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy


Nothing to do with standup paddle, or SUP! Halfway between tennis and squash, the padel is an explosive racket sport, which is for everyone.
We play with a racket without string, the handle rather short.
User-friendly, fun and easy to practice, the padel is played with two.
A paddle field is surrounded by fences and windows, and the ball can be thrown against the walls during trade. A sport that is similar to tennis because it has adopted the rules and the type of ball, but is also akin to squash wooden rauqette and the possible use of walls stimulates the pace and boosts the strength of trade.
To practice, near Paris, see the Casapadel here, or click here to find a club near you.

The top: very cardio, the padel combines the race during his fast departures to the musculation of the arms. The wooden racket requires more strength.
The downside: Need a quiet activity, go your way. Even though the padel is played less forcefully than squash, it requires good physical fitness. Especially at the level of the cruciate ligaments of the knees, watch out for lateral movements …

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
Casa Padel 2018

The Hoopdance

Wave cousin of the hula hoop, the hoop dance is a dance with a hoop that is rotated around his body in rhythm. Like all dance, the Hoopdance is both a sport by the muscular groups it mobilizes and an art, by its expressive dimension.
Theoretically, everyone can do it, but in practice, it is clear that hoop dancers are predominantly female.

The top: The hoop dance is a particularly recommended activity for who wants to work coordination movements and wants to tone his abs.
The downside: Still quite rare, hoop dance courses are difficult to spot. You can consult a map of the courses or start by following  tutorials on the Net .

The Hoop dance is gaining momentum in France …

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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What if you took hoop dance classes?

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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Old as the world, calisthenics is a form of a gym that uses the weight of the body to tone.
For example, doing pushups: we ask several muscle groups trying to resist the descent of the bars and push back with the weight of his chest (and often, we find that suddenly, it weighs heavy because it’s hard !).
But we must not lose sight of the fact that the name of this form of fitness comes from the Greek: kallo meaning beauty, and sthenos, strength. CQFD!
In Paris, a new (very beautiful) place offers this type of course: La Montgolfière .

The best : we are really tonic, everywhere, and deeply! And we love it because we can do at home the series of exercises if we are really motivated, since no need for equipment.
The downside : as any form of muscle exercise, it should be cautious in his practice and well signal the coach if we have weaknesses, because it can also spoil.

The hip-hop yoga

Yoga, the “I come back from India and I saw the light” vibe, scares you but you would not be against a regular session of an activity that tones and zénifies at the same time? So, look at the side of hip-hop yoga, a pretty amazing way to practice yoga.
Because it’s still yoga: we start the session with a phase of concentration/breathing, a kind of reset of the body and the mind to be well received as a result. Then we continue with postures that heat, type wrapping and we follow with flows of yoga but music. Like yoga, the session ends with a relaxing return to calm.

The best: we dedramatize his practice of yoga through music (RnB, hip-hop …), we tonic without hurting, it is good for your body and mind.
The downside: Not always easy to really disconnect on Drake!

Mingle hip-hop and yoga, a trend that we might like …

These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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These 8 sporting activities more and more trendy
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