The white highlights you should try to give your hair a unique touch


If you are looking to dye yourself in a unique way, white highlights are perfect for you. Although this color used to be negatively associated with gray hair, today it is one of the most popular trends of the moment. And it is that, now, the white manes – like the gray and platinum ones – are of the outfits more originals for which you can choose. Are you ready? Keep reading!

The recommendation is always that you leave your hair in the hands of a professional colorist. Now, if you prefer, you can try make white highlights at home. Here we explain how!

  1. Comb through with a detangling cream or oil, such as Sedal Moisturizing Anti-Knot Combing Creamformulated with raspberry roots and a fusion of oils.
  2. Brush the hair perfectly and make the part where you usually mark it.
  3. Prepare the mixture and apply it to the desired strands, you can do it with the help of a brush for highlights. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, decide how far you want to bleach.
  4. Apply the dye or developer and let it sit for 35-40 minutes.
  5. Rinse with plenty of water and check that you have obtained the desired tone.

How to make white highlights with aluminum foil

The use of aluminum foil is required to get cool blondes, which need high light tones. In colors like Gray, silver and white it is almost always necessary to previously illuminate with this technique. The procedure is the next:

  1. Thoroughly brush dry hair and part where you usually mark it.
  2. Prepare the bleach mixture and apply it to the desired strands, you can do this with the help of a highlight brush.
  3. Once the bleach is applied, paper your highlights with aluminum foil.
  4. When the discoloration progresses by 50%, start applying the base of the desired color. Make sure that the dye perfectly touches each part of the hair, going between the strands.
  5. The hair is washed when the highlights are very light yellow or white, if the hair allows it.
  6. Rinse with plenty of water and proceed to shade the highlights with a colored emulsion. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  7. Finally, rinse your hair with plenty of water and check that you have obtained the desired tone.
Erin O'Connor with white highlights in collected black hair
To obtain white hair, many processes and treatments are required. In the picture, Erin O’Connor. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

As we mentioned before, to make the highlights white, it is necessary to select and bleach some strands of hair. Bleaching is the chemical process that removes the color from the strand to later deposit pigments of another color on it.

To get white highlights on black hair, you need to bleach through six or seven stages. This process modifies the structure of the cuticle, which can be very aggressive for the hair. To prevent damage, we suggest you keep your hair as hydrated as possible with the shampoo Y Sedal Care + Micellar Hydra + Provitamin B5 conditioning treatmentwhich deeply hydrate the hair and restore its vitality without weighing it down.

white streaks

Woman with white streaks in ashy hair, wavy hair
Highlights are perfect for testing white hair tones. Credit:

Highlights are perfect for making the transition to white hair. You can apply them strategically, distributed throughout your hair or in a more intense coloration, such as a ombre.

Blonde hair with white streaks

Woman with blonde hair and white streaks in wavy hair
The white lights will give an extra touch of light to your blonde hair. Credit:

White or platinum highlights on a blonde base will make you look fresh and fashionable, defining your face and giving your hair a natural shine.

Editor’s tip: To prepare your hair and keep it hydrated before dyeing it and exposing it to this color process, our recommendation is the Sedal super conditioner Maximum Hydration 1 Minute. We are talking about an intensive treatment that will leave your hair silky and nourished in just 60 seconds.

Platinum: white highlights

Woman with white platinum streaks in blonde hair
White hair also looks perfect in its platinum version. Credit:

If your natural color is very light or you already have a previous discoloration in blonde tones, you can opt for white or platinum highlights. They look spectacular and will take your coloring to another level!

White highlights to hide gray hair

Woman with white highlights to hide gray hair
White and silver tones are perfect for disguising gray hair. Credit:

Disguise your gray hair with a platinum or ash blonde hair color in different shades of blonde. Ask your stylist for a balayage start three centimeters from the root, emphasize the front locks and leave the ends the natural color.

White streaks in front

Woman with white streaks in front of wavy blue hair
Create interesting contrasts with platinum highlights. Credit:

Nail highlights chunky They will help you create contrasts with your base color. A great way to show them off is by opting for a platinum combination on a darker base.

Wicks: hair colors for whites

Woman with colored highlights for white hair
You will love the versatility of this technique. Credit:

The colored rays they are an unusual bet that works for the most extroverted personalities. If your hair is white, you can wear them in almost any tone.

Platinum: white highlights to hide gray hair

Woman with platinum streaks in wavy brown hair
Platinum highlights are an infallible coloring technique to hide gray hair. Credit:

Dying your hair to take full advantage of gray hair is a trend that we love. So now you know: opt for some platinum highlights and start wearing them proudly.

White streaks in black hair

Woman with gray streaks in straight black hair
Silver highlights on brunettes bring a lot of light to the face. Credit:

Gray and silver streaks on black hair create a unique contrast. You can wear them as an accent, just in front, or throughout your entire mane. You will love both options!

White streaks with a dark base

Woman with white highlights with dark base
White highlights are a risky option ideal for the most daring. Credit:

Wearing some strands lighter than the rest of the hair will bring light to the face, which translates into a more youthful, healthy and accessible appearance.

White streaks in long dark hair

Woman with white streaks in long dark hair
To make your color even more noticeable, dare to wear it throughout your entire hair. Credit:

The highlights have become the great allies of women with dark hair. experiment with them blond highlightsash, beige and platinum.

White streaks in short hair

Woman with white streaks in short wavy hair
Platinum highlights will add more dynamism to your hair regardless of its length. Credit:

Add dynamism to your short hair with white highlights. This is a good option for those who have a dark complexion and want to highlight the features of their face.

Editor’s tip: Keep the tone of your highlights intact with the shampoo Y Dove Daily Super Moisturizer Regenerative Growth. Formulated with a powerful mix of active nutrients, they cover the daily needs of damaged hair in just one minute.

Red hair with white streaks

Woman with red hair with white Californian streaks
You can wear white Californian highlights for an original and not so drastic change. Credit:

For an even more interesting effect, ask your colorist to fade the color of your highlights. The result will be very dynamic.

Woman with white streaks in wavy platinum blonde hair

To achieve white, beige, gray or silver highlights, you must use a platinum blonde dye (usually number 10.1), mixed with a 10 volume developer in a 1:1 ratio, that is, the same amount of dye as of oxidizing Let it act between two and five minutes.

These types of dyes are commonly known as silver toning dyes or silver gray hair dye, although their correct name is super lightening dye.

Editor’s tip: Check frequently how the color is changing after applying the dye, to get the result you want. If for some reason you let it act too long and the result is too white or you have very platinum highlights, you can easily solve it by applying a darker dye and letting it act for only 10 minutes.

How to darken white streaks

Darkening bleached highlights at home is very easy, just dye your hair using a darker dye that is close to the shade you want. You should bear in mind that you may need more than one application to achieve the desired tone, so don’t worry if the first one doesn’t turn out as you expect.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a remedy to darken your highlights naturally, you can do it using mustard oil, hennablack tea or even coffee.

Now yes, have you been convinced to wear white highlights? Remember to follow us on Instagram (@allthingshairmex) for constant inspiration!


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