The Korean cuts for men that will renew your ‘look’ in 2023


Through music and television, with the rise of K-pop and K-dramas, Korean men’s haircuts have found space on inspiration boards on this side of the world.

It is a society obsessed with beauty -also masculine-, it is not surprising that men have perfectly groomed long hair that harmonizes with their vision of fashion: a combination between athleisureminimalism and unconventional tailoring.

Korean men’s haircuts focus on volume and texture. They tend to be longer at the top and shorter at the bottom, allowing them to be styled with controlled movement. You want to know more? Keep reading.

BTS Jungkook Men's Korean Cut Two Block Style
Jungkook’s haircut from BTS is the famous two-block style. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

The two-block haircut has won over Koreans and anyone who is inspired by their culture. It’s about a undercut with a modern update: the hair on the sides and around the nape of the neck stays short, while on the crown it is longer. The difference between the two ranges from 5 to 7 cm or more. The key element to accessorizing a two block cut is to shape the hair on top.

Other Korean-style men’s haircuts are the pompadourside bangs, book hairstyle Y mushroom cut. Take note of the looks inspiring below.

Korean men’s cut BTS

BTS Jimin Men's Korean Cut Two Block Fringe Curtain
Jimin, from BTS, has become a ‘trendsetter’. Credit: Lee Jin-man/AP/Shutterstock.

The lead vocalist of BTS, soon to be making his solo debut, is one of the most prominent figures in male fashion and beauty. The two-block haircut has been Jimin’s most characteristic. In the image she wears a curtain fringe, but she has also worn it in the shape of a C.

Another popular cut by the singer has been the undercut with volume in the bangs, either combed back or to the side.

kpop haircut

Korean man with two block haircut
The two block cut has been worn by celebrities like BTS’s Jimin and Suga, as well as ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. Credit: Shutterstock.

This style has been popularized by idols of Korean pop, although if you’re a fan of anime, you might recognize it from Levi Ackerman, a character from Attack the titans.

The two-block haircut stands out for its definition on the lower part of the head and the sides, while the top part is kept voluminous, creating an effect of depth. The shortest area can be shaved or just cut out.

The contrast is not only flattering, but it will give you a youthful appearance. The appeal of this cut it is also its versatility, since it can be styled in many ways and adapt to all textures.

Korean mushroom cut

Men's bowler cut model at Fendi FW 2020
The mushroom cut can be worn straight or wavy, and combined with other styles, such as the ‘mullet’ and the ‘undercut’. Fendi FW 2020. Credit: Indigital.

In recent years, this style has made a comeback, especially on the runways and among Korean pop idols. It consists of three basic characteristics: a fringe, a rounded cut and symmetry. However, the main requirement to adopt it is a bushy mane.

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Korean cut for men mushroom style with undercut
The mushroom cut, in combination with an ‘undercut’, acquires a much more ‘edgy’ character. Credit: Shutterstock.

The mushroom cut is very popular in Korea, and this is just another reinterpretation of this style. Unlike the traditional cut, which covers the entire forehead, in this version the hair is cut to a medium length and therefore only covers part of the forehead. It is combined with a undercut clean that brings elegance.

Side bangs haircuts for men

Model with side bangs and Korean cut for men in Giorgio Armani FW 2020
The long bangs highlight the cheekbones and eyes, Giorgio Armani FW 2020. Credit: Indigital.

The idols of K-pop are, surely, the most responsible for the return of the haircuts with bangs for men. With them a phenomenon called khonminam (which in English is known as flower boys or flower children) and that represents men devoted to their beauty.

A degrafilado cut like this is ideal for fine hair, as it helps to appear more volume. Make sure that the bangs fall subtly over your eyes to accentuate your gaze and style it with the Ax Ice Chill wax for instant hold with a natural finish.

anime haircuts for men

Man with anime haircut with orange tint and spikes
Pointy styles are characteristic of anime. Credit:

Anime is a style of traditional or computer animation of Japanese origin. Cartoon characters are known for their big eyes and often playful, brightly colored hairstyles.

Spiky hair, buns, eye-covering bangs, and ponytails are among the most common hairstyles for both male and female anime characters.

To get a style spikey Like the one in the photo, ask your stylist for lots of short, choppy layers. These will give your hair significant dimension and make it look voluminous. use the gel wax Ax Urban to get a looks long lasting tousled.

Korean haircuts for teenage boys

Model with Korean mullet cut for men in Off White FW 2020
The ‘mullet’ is one of the favorite cuts of the youngest. Off White FW 2020. Credit: Indigital.

Short at the sides, voluminous at the front and long at the nape, the mullet It was very popular in the 80s, a decade full of freedom in dressing and masculine appearance, so it is not surprising that now it is back. in key aestheticis worn degrained for a smooth appearance.

Asian hairstyles for short hair

Man with Asian hairstyle for short hair at Dolce & Gabbana FW 2020
The Caesar cut is characterized by short, straight bangs. Dolce & Gabbana FW 2020. Credit: Indigital.

The Caesar cut It is more popular in America than in Asia. However, celebrities like Park Seo-joon and Yoo Ah have been going for this look lately. It is a short cut, although with somewhat longer sideburns and (straight) bangs. As you can see, it creates a subtle helmet effect. Although it is a classic, it had its heyday in the 90s, so it is not surprising that it is now back.

Korean man with undercut haircut and side bangs
The ‘undercut’ has been very popular among Koreans. Credit: Shutterstock.

Another option is a undercut in combination with a layered cut. The layered cut is best suited for those who have medium-thick and textured hair. In the front, the bangs are faded and swept to the sides.

Korean style haircuts for men with perm

Korean cut for men shag style with waves
The ‘shag’ cut is characterized by its many light layers. Credit: Shutterstock.

The permanent for men It has gained relevance, especially in countries where straight hair is usually the norm. This has opened the door for multiple textured styles.

The cut shaglike the one in the image, is a straight cut at the base, which is mainly characterized by short and thin layers, textured with a razor, which give the hair movement and define the features of the face.

Its lightness makes it the quintessential casual haircut and has a rejuvenating effect. The best? It allows you to play with the length you prefer, although its most common version is the average one. It is also your decision to add bangs or not.

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Long layered haircut

Model with Korean cut for men in Salvatore Ferragamo FW 2020
A longer hair is ideal for summer. Salvatore Ferragamo FW 2020. Credit: Indigital.

Layered styles never go out of style. In the image, the cut is somewhat long and has a light layer that gives it movement. Is a looks perfect for summer and ideal for medium thick hair.

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