Is it a good idea to put lemon in your hair? Yeah if you do it this way


Putting lemon in your hair is one of the first homemade beauty tricks we learn, whether it’s to give it shine, lighten it naturally, appease unruly hairs or counteract fat. As a lightener and fixer, it is difficult to control the result and can even dry out the strands. However, its astringent, toning, antibacterial and antiseptic properties give scalp and hair a deep clean, enhancing their shine.

Now, this does not mean that you should apply it directly, since it could cause irritation, among other side effects, but it does consider incorporating this ingredient into your routine through scientifically formulated products. Your hair will thank you.

Woman with hair in a ponytail, holding a yellow lemon
Lemon can be used to create natural reflections, fix the hairstyle or deep clean the hair, revealing its shine. Credit: Ivan Samkov/Pexels.

Lemon in the hair to lighten it

Lemon juice contains 5% citric acid, a very weak oxidizing agent that is absorbed into the cortex of the hair. When combined with exposure to sunlight, citric acid speeds up the fading process. Basically, this reaction breaks down the pigment in the hair to expose the underlying lighter color.

Once this happens and the hair is lightened, the results are permanent, unless you dye or grow it out.

But beware, this experiment works only on blonde hair or light ash brown. Darker manes could turn orange. Better, opt for some transparencies in the hair!

Also note that the acid in lemon combined with the sun can break down the hair’s natural lipid layer, which can decrease its ability to retain essential moisture. Meaning, it can dry out strands, especially after repeated uses.

Now, lemon on dyed hair can have a totally different effect. Artificial dyes behave differently than natural melanin, and it is difficult to predict exactly how they will react.

Lemon in hair as gel

When hair products were not as accessible as they are now, many people used lemon as a fixative. Limonene, a natural substance extracted from the oil in citrus peels, helps smooth coarse hair. Since it is not very soluble in water, it leaves a sticky residue that can serve as a gel.

Deeply cleanses the hair

The astringent and toning effect of lemon balances the scalp’s natural oil production, removing excess sebum that can make hair feel heavy. Also, citric acid is antibacterial and antiseptic, so it helps fight dandruff.

Gives hair shine

Citric acid helps remove buildup from hair products, which can dull hair and weigh it down. Also, if you have hard water at home, it will get rid of the scale, leaving your hair silky and smooth.

Whole and halved yellow lemon on a white cloth
From a traditional beauty remedy to a ‘top’ ingredient: the new formulas have made us value the properties of lemon. Credit: Vladimir Gladkov/Pexels.

Lemon in the hair to lighten it

You need:

  • A lemon.
  • A bag of chamomile tea.
  • A spray bottle.


  1. Squeeze the lemon.
  2. Prepare a cup of chamomile tea and allow it to cool.
  3. Combine two parts chamomile tea with one part lemon juice and pour into the bottle.
  4. Spray the liquid generously on the parts of the hair that you want to lighten.
  5. Expose yourself to the sun for at least an hour. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Editor’s tip: Add a teaspoon of conditioner to the mixture to protect your mane from drying out.

Lemon in hair as gel

You can simply dilute the lemon in water and spray it with a spray to set your hairstyle. However, here we leave you a more complete recipe:

You need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of gelatin.
  • 1/2 cup of hot distilled water.
  • Lemon essential oil.


  1. Dissolve the gelatin in the water.
  2. If necessary, add more gelatin until you get the desired consistency, and stir.
  3. Refrigerate the gel for three hours.
  4. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Editor’s tip: Remember that lemon lightens hair in the sun, so avoid it if this is not the effect you want. On the other hand, consider that it can irritate the scalp if you apply it directly.

Lemon in hair to clean and shine

Repeat after us: hair and scalp are not frying pans. Although lemon is effective at cutting grease and polishing surfaces, we do not recommend that you apply it directly as a beauty remedy. Instead, opt for gentle, professionally formulated products.

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Lemon in the hair all night

We do not recommend that you leave the lemon on while you sleep, as you will not see the benefits as a lightener, fixative or cleanser.

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