The hairstyles with headband braids that you must recreate and the tutorials to achieve it


Fans of romantic hairstyles, we have good news for you! The headband braid has returned and is emerging as the favorite to succeed this season. The reason? This year, the trends have pointed a lot towards naturalness with a seal effortless chic and this hairstyle pulls it off effortlessly.

From an afternoon with friends, a romantic date or even to show off in the office, there is no occasion that can resist its practicality and undeniable style. And why not? It also applies to those bad hair days or when we prefer to let our hair rest after washing.

Learn to make it and let yourself be carried away by its charm! It is easier to replicate than you think.

1. Prepare your hair

Create the ideal base for the headband braid, washing your hair with a washing system that gives it total vitality. In the newsroom we love the shampoo and Sedal Quinoa and Linseed conditioner. Its salt-free formula is an excellent treatment against damaged and lifeless hair.

2. Choose the right braid

French, dutch, herringbone or inverted, the options are varied and equally luscious! We suggest you start with a simple braid and gradually try more and more complicated options. The important thing is that it is the one that you master, that makes you feel more comfortable and that best suits the occasion.

3. Create the Perfect Headband Braid!

Take a lock close to your ear on the side that best suits you and weave a braid from root to tip. Tie it with a small rubber band, preferably similar to the color of your hair. Pass it over your head to the other end to accommodate it as a diadem and secure it firmly with several bobby pins.

Editor’s tip: Give dimension to your braid, slightly bulking each strand that is becoming entwined. He will look much more striking!

5. Fix your hairstyle

Finally, ensure the infallibility of your hairstyle, spraying a generous layer of TRESemmé Extreme spray. It will keep your headband braid in place all day like you just walked out of the salon.

Wave braid headband

Elsa Hosk with braid headband in loose wavy hair
Braids with loose hair are a great option. Word of Elsa Hosk. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

The French braid headband is an excellent option to give your hair texture and show off the length of your hair. Try this style if you want to free up your face while keeping your hair down.

thick braid headband

Woman with thick braid headband, brown hair
An updo with a braid headband is a perfect hairstyle for any day. Credit: All Things Hair.

The four-strand braids are ideal to control thick and unruly hair. If this is your case, try a low bun that reduces weight from your hair.

Braids with flower headband

Vanessa Hudgens wearing a flower braid headband
Flowers are ideal for a romantic hairstyle. In the image, Vanessa Hudgens. Credit: Mediapunch/Shutterstock.

If you love romantic hairstyles, buy different natural little flowers and braid your hair into a headband. You will love the result.

Headband Braids with Fringe

Bella Thorne with headband and fringe braid
A braid headband can work perfectly with fringe. Get inspired by Bella Thorne. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock.

When wearing a braided updo, leave the fringe and some strands loose for a more laid-back look.

Mexican braid headband

Karla Díaz with a Mexican headband braid and flowers
A braided crown always looks so much more romantic with flowers. Credit:

If you love updos, start with a braid from the top of your head and end in a bun.

double headband braid

Woman with double headband braid, hair collected with braids
If your hair is long, try making two French braids from the top of your head. Credit:

To recreate this hairstyle, divide your hair into two side sections and continue to make a French braid with the section that is furthest back. Next, do the same weaving, but with the portion of hair that is in front. Finally pin both braids at the back of your head.

Braid headband with bun

Woman with braid headband with bun
This hairstyle is very elegant and feminine at the same time. Credit:

If you plan on wearing a low bun, give it a distinctive touch by adding some Dutch braids to the sides. It will look modern and casual.

Braid headband with ponytail

Woman with braid headband with wavy ponytail
Pigtails look even more elegant if you add some braids. Credit:

If you need an elegant yet simple hairstyle, this Low Ponytail with Halo Braids will be your best choice. You only need to do two French braids with effect pancake and accommodate them in a ponytail.

Braid headband for girl

Braid Headband Hairstyle for Girls with Long Hair
Give your girl’s hair a fun touch with a headband woven from her hair! Credit:

The braids glued with loose hair They are perfect for girls to feel comfortable and show off the length of their hair.

Headband of glued braids

Model with a headband of glued braids and a low braided bun
With a little patience you will be able to weave your hair with an impact headband. Credit: Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock.

This runway-worthy hairstyle is easier to do than it seems. All you have to do is Dutch braid with thinner strands and braid a little further back from the forehead.

Root braids on headband

Scarlett Johansson with root braid headband
Scarlett Johansson shows us that braids are ideal for the red carpet. Credit: Joanne Davidson/Shutterstock.

For this hairstyle, separate the portion of hair that is above the ear, on the side that you will start the braid. Begin to make a simple braid and little by little add one end at the front and two at the back. Continue like this until you reach the other ear, and voila!

Braid headband with loose hair

Woman with braid headband in loose straight hair
Woven headbands with your own hair are very easy to make. Credit: All Things Hair.

The braid crowns With loose hair they are an elegant and sophisticated choice, which can easily become a casual hairstyle for any event. Whether day or night, try this looks.

Braid headband for short hair

Woman with braid headband on short straight hair
The perfect hairstyle to show off your loose hair. Credit: All Things Hair.

Ready to wear a hairstyle with braids on short hair? Just leave your hair down and then do a couple of dutch braids on each side that join at the nape of the neck.

Headband Braid with Curls

Woman with braid headband in wavy hair
Leave your waves free with this easy braid hairstyle with loose hair. Credit: All Things Hair.

If you have wavy or curly hair, wear it down and then braid a pair of French and Dutch braids on each side. The result will be perfect for any event.

Ribbon braid for headband

Woman with ribbon braid for headband, headband braid with ribbon
Use ribbons to facilitate your braiding. Credit: All Things Hair.

Give a romantic and very feminine touch to your crown of braids with a scarf or ribbon. Start by separating two strands to weave your hair, then integrate the ribbon into the braid as if it were another strand of hair. An easy, fast and youthful style.

French braid headband

Woman with French braid headband
Wearing French braids is the most practical way to collect your hair. Credit: All Things Hair.

Two French braids on each side are what you need to create this braided halo. Depending on the finish you want to achieve, you can either leave them loose and a bit tousled, or make them tight and polished.

Which of these braid headband hairstyles are you going to try first? Show us your creations on Instagram (@allthingshairmex)!

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