45 elegant updos to steal looks at your next event


Although sobriety is usually a key feature in elegant updos, you don’t always have to be so moderate or discreet. Remember that the sophisticated is not at odds with the extravagant and flashy, just keep in mind that the devil is in the details.

It doesn’t matter if you go for the most classic styles or you opt for the most modern versions, a touch of minimalism or maximalism will never be out of place.

Both on the catwalks and on the red carpets, these outfits have proven to be all-terrain, conquering every scene where elegance plays the most important role. The buns, the braids and the fancy pigtails They star in this gallery that we have prepared to inspire you to be the perfect guest at your next event. Versatile and timeless hairstyles that, as always, never show lose validity.

The perfect up-do only exists in your head, as we all have different opinions and perspectives. For a real hairstyle to make you look spectacular, it is essential to follow your instinct and always be true to your style. Are you looking for inspiration? You came to the right place.

Elegant and simple collected hairstyle for the day

Woman with stylish low updo hairstyle
Choose a low bun and give it a distinctive touch by twisting sections on the sides. Credit: All Things Hair.
  1. Apply a styling cream and detangle your hair.
  2. Set it aside.
  3. Separate a few strands in front (they are the ones you are going to twist later).
  4. With the remaining hair, pull it back and secure it in a low ponytail.
  5. Once you have it, take random sections and arrange them in a bun with bobby pins.
  6. Once you are done with all the hair, go to the front strands and part them in two.
  7. Take the two sections and twist them at the same time that you intertwine them, until you reach the point where you attached the bun.
  8. Knot the front strands and secure with more bobby pins.
  9. To finish, apply a coat of spray.

Elegant evening hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez with elegant collected hairstyle
If your hair is long like Jennifer Lopez’s, twist it into a double bun. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.
  1. Brush your hair and direct it back.
  2. Apply a considerable layer of gel with your hands, then distribute it with a close-bristled comb.
  3. Then, pull your hair back into a low ponytail and pin it up around your ears.
  4. Now, take the hair and twist it until it forms a bun and continue twisting upwards, until you form the second one. Do this step as if you were doing an eight or an infinity inverted, so that the double updo remains firm.
  5. Secure with bobby pins and apply a spray coat.

Editor’s tip: No matter which of these hairstyles you choose, the selection of styling products is key to achieving a perfect finish. Opt for the Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizerhe Folicure Original fixing gel and the yesTRESemmé Climate Control spraywhich will take care of your hair, leaving it soft, manageable, shiny and under control regardless of the weather.

Elegant updo for wedding

Young woman with elegant bun hairstyle
If you choose an updo, loosen a few strands in front for a carefree look. Credit: All Things Hair.
  1. Untangle your hair and make soft waves, with the iron or a curling iron.
  2. Apply a spray coat.
  3. Take all your hair back with the help of your hands and a little wax, to control unruly hairs.
  4. Now, weave a braid, loose and carefree.
  5. Once you have it, knot it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.
  6. Using your fingers, loosen a few strands in front and on the sides for a playful finish.

Easy and elegant collected hairstyle with ponytail

Kate Beckinsale with an easy and fast elegant collected hairstyle
Ponytails like Kate Beckinsale’s are also easy to do and will make you look perfect at any event. Credit: Michael Hurcomb/Shutterstock.
  1. Detangle your hair and dry it with hot air. For the waves to be well marked, help yourself with a round brush.
  2. Every time you wave, apply a layer of spray to create volume.
  3. Once you’ve waved all of your hair, separate a front part and backcomb a few strands, to create a crepe.
  4. Pull the hair you parted back and brush.
  5. Using your fingers, lift your hair into a high ponytail, keeping it neat and keeping the volume in the front.
  6. Take a medium clip and hide it under your waves, so that the ponytail appears higher and your hair appears with more volume.
  7. Apply a final coat of spray.

Editor’s tip: Choose products like Ax Ice Chill wax to achieve a long-lasting hairstyle with a natural finish.

Select a hairstyle that goes according to your features. If you have a round face, avoid styles that echo curvy shapes and add volume on the sides. On the contrary, choose those that give you volume at the top and keep the sides lowered. This braided bun, with crepe, can be a great option.

Updo hairstyle with elegant braids for round face

Cate Blanchett with an elegant updo for a round face
Cate Blanchett visually elongates her face with a braided, crepe bun. Credit: Matt Baron/EIB/Shutterstock.
  1. Divide your hair into two sections, after detangling it.
  2. Bring the front part forward and hold it.
  3. Now weave two side French braids into the remaining hair. When they come together, hold them with a rubber band.
  4. Now take the section you separated and tease for volume.
  5. Apply a coat of spray and brush back with a comb.
  6. Hold that strand with another rubber band and wrap the remaining hair in a bun.
  7. Fasten with pins.

Editor’s tip: Products like the yesTRESemmé Pray Extra Firm Hold They will help you achieve a firm hairstyle, with greater volume and shine, just like in a salon! Feel free to apply a layer before and after.

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