The golden rays in black hair are the best option to illuminate it and give it life


We have also been there: looking at ourselves in the mirror and feeling that our hair looks dull, flat and lifeless. Surely it is a common feeling among women with dark hair, but giving it a touch of texture and movement, either naturally or with a high-contrast finish, is possible. In the writing we have verified it, the golden rays in black hair are the best option to give it light and dimension (or break the monotony).

If you are not sure about trying this coloration, we leave you in our image gallery different options from which you can choose.

Woman with golden rays in long black hair
To give black hair depth and movement, golden highlights are a great option. Credit:

Although the list of options is extensive when it comes to colored rays, the dyes with golden reflections, present in different shades of blonde and brown, are timeless. No matter your skin color or hair type, the result will be contrast, dimension and movement.

Palette of dyes with golden reflections for black hair
Tints with golden reflections can be blonde, brown or reddish. Credit: Shutterstock.

When choosing the hair color (or ask your colorist), check that the code on the packaging includes a .3 after the first number, as this symbolizes the golden reflection that shimmers in the light. For the result to be visible and flattering on black hair, we recommend making highlights in shades that start with the numbers 3, 4 and 5, up to 10. These numbers represent from dark brown (3), to the lightest blonde ( 10). That is, if you find a 5.3 code, it means that it is a light golden brown. If the second number followed by the period is also 3, it means that the golden reflection is even more intense, but you can also combine it with .1 (ash reflection), .4 (copper reflection) or .7 (warm brown reflection), for example. Some options for dyes with golden reflections are:

  • 3.3: Dark golden brown.
  • 4.3: golden chestnut.
  • 5.53Appearance: Light golden mahogany brown.
  • 6.3: Dark golden blonde.
  • 7.13: Golden ash blonde.
  • 8.34: Light golden coppery blonde.
  • 9.3: Extra light golden blonde.
  • 10.34: Coppery golden platinum blonde.

To lighten black hair with golden highlights, the first step is to define how strong and how thick you want your highlights. Afterwards, you can choose between different coloring techniques:


Naomi Campbell with long black hair and golden blonde balayage
Naomi Campbell hit the nail on the head to brighten black hair with a golden blonde balayage. Credit: David Fisher/Shutterstock

The balayage in black hair It can be your best ally if your goal is to achieve renewed hair, full of life and texture. This coloration has a natural effect and leaves the hair as illuminated by the sun. In addition, it is low maintenance and can be done in the golden tones that you like the most. The one in the picture, for example, is done with brown and golden blonde tints.


Woman with long black hair with golden highlights
To illuminate black hair with golden rays, you can request different thicknesses and techniques, such as ‘babylights’. Credit:

With babylights ––or very fine rays–– in two shades of gold lighter than your base, you can obtain a radiant effect, full of shine and luminosity. Same as him balayageThis technique is low maintenance.

money piece

Eve Hewson with gold money piece highlights on black hair
The ‘money piece’, like Eve Hewson’s, is the ideal coloring technique for those looking to illuminate their hair without damaging it. Credit: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.

If you are not in favor of full colorings, the money piece it is perfect for you. With two golden locks in front, you will be able to frame your face, as well as illuminate it. But that’s not all, the dye will create a feeling of volume and dimension in black hair.

highlights tortoiseshell

Woman with long wavy black hair with golden tortoiseshell highlights
With highlights or ‘tortoiseshell’ highlights, the hair is left with a lot of light and movement. Credit:

As its name in English says, this type of lightning or highlights tortoiseshell they mimic the colors and movement in the shells of hawksbill sea turtles. Although the contrast with light tones leaves black hair with a lot of movement, its effect is also rejuvenating.

highlights melting

Priyanka Chopra with melting highlights in black hair with golden reflections
Melting highlights, like Priyanka Chopra’s, leave a subtle, natural finish on black hair. Credit: Broadimage/Shutterstock

Its effect is so natural, that the highlights melting they are a favorite among black-haired women. These are responsible for illuminating the hair with a gradual color transition, and although they are confused with a balayage, its effect is different, because only warm colors such as blonde, brown and brown are used. In addition, they are very flattering on dark skin.

Wait 48 hours before the first wash

Wait at least two days (after dyeing) to wash your hair for your hair to absorb the dye and seal in completely. Going forward, we recommend waiting 48 to 72 hours between washes to prolong the color.

uses a paraben-free washing system

Our favorite products, free of parabens and dyes, are the shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner. In addition to prolonging the life of the dye, they leave hair hydrated and shiny.

keep your hydrated mane

After washing your hair, make sure to apply special products to regenerate it after dyeing and keep it in perfect condition. Our recommendation is the Dove Daily Super Moisturizer Regenerative Growthformulated with a powerful mix of active nutrients to take care of the hair, regenerate it and strengthen it.

Style with products of natural origin

With a formula made up of natural ingredients (free of silicones, parabens and colorants), the Sedal Coffee & Castor Oil styling cream strengthens, smoothes and controls brittle hair while you style it. Likewise, it will help you control the fall and make your hair look radiant at all times.

Avoid hot water and heat tools

Wash your hair with warm or cold water and measure the maximum temperature at which you should use your iron (or other heat tools). Thus, your rays will last longer.

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