Get inspired by these 15 shades of reddish chocolate hair


Neither red nor brown: right at the midpoint between the two shades, brown and even blonde hues mix with reddish and coppery reflections, resulting in reddish chocolate hair. It is a powerful tint that contrasts with fair complexions and makes dark skin shine. In both cases, the result is sophisticated and rejuvenating.

And it is that when thinking about a change of look we always forget about dark colors, but light shades of hair they are not the only ones with which you can get a fresh look. Reddish chocolate is not only flattering, but its effect is very natural and striking. Don’t be afraid of it and go for it!

Sophie Turner with reddish chocolate hair
Try a 5.5 tint number for Sophie Turner’s auburn chocolate hair. Credit: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock.

Surely you have noticed that not all chocolate tints they are the same, and less so if they have reddish reflections. This is due to the scale of numerical values ​​in hair colorimetry. Keep in mind that the codes on commercial dyes always describe the base tone, the primary reflection and the secondary reflection. to reach hair colors like reddish dark chocolate, you should look for base numbers in 3 (dark brown), 4 (medium brown), and 5 (light brown). However, if you are looking for light shades, then we recommend dyes with codes starting at 6 (dark blonde) or 7 (medium blonde).

As for highlights, remember that the .4 numbers will leave brassy highlights in the hair, while the .5 and .6 refer to mahogany and red highlights, respectively. To explain better: if the package is stamped with the number 5.5, it means that it is a light mahogany brown, while 7.45 is equivalent to a medium coppery mahogany blonde, for example.

Woman with long hair with dark reddish chocolate tint
Remember that the numbers on the tints describe the base shade, the primary shimmer, and the secondary shimmer. Credit:

Here we leave different code options to achieve a reddish chocolate:

  • 3.5Appearance: Dark mahogany chestnut.
  • 3.6: dark reddish brown.
  • 4.6: Reddish brown.
  • 5.5Appearance: Light mahogany brown.
  • 5.6Appearance: Light reddish brown.

Editor’s tip: Explore our gallery above to find visual examples of each of the tints.

Jourdan Dunn with curly hair and coppery chocolate dye
The coppery chocolate color, like Jourdan Dunn, you find it with the code 7.4. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

As explained above, tint codes with base numbers 4 through 7 achieve a chocolate hue, and if the combination includes .4 or .5, it means your highlights are mahogany or copper. The result in this case is a lighter, brighter color effect, like sunlit with golden light. Some examples of combinations to obtain a coppery chocolate are:

  • 4.5: Mahogany chestnut.
  • 5.4Appearance: Light coppery brown.
  • 6.44: Dark coppery blonde.
  • 6.5: Dark mahogany blonde.
  • 7.4: Medium coppery blonde.

Editor’s tip: Go to our image gallery above to find examples of each color.

Gigi Hadid with hair color that makes you look younger
Chocolate tints with warm reflections, like Gigi Hadid’s, add shine and a rejuvenating effect. Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

The warmth of the chocolate tints with reddish reflections softens the features and automatically creates a rejuvenating effect. If your goal is to hide fine lines and take a couple of years off, we recommend going for light shades, such as light coppery brown (5.4), light mahogany brown (5.5), dark coppery blonde (6.44) and blonde medium coppery (7.4). You can see the images of these dyes above for inspiration.

Woman with wavy hair following tips to take care of the reddish chocolate dye
To keep the color alive for longer, wash your hair with a special shampoo and follow the advice below. Credit:
  • Wait 48 hours before the first wash. Give your hair time to fully absorb and seal in the dye. Also, avoid washing your hair every day, it is better to wait two days between each wash.
  • Use a paraben-free washing system. Products like the shampoo Y TRESemmé Pro-Radiance Color Conditioner hydrate, care for the color and restore the shine of dyed hair. Due to its formula free of parabens and dyes, with ingredients such as marula oil and resveratrol, they are ideal for promoting a vivid and long-lasting color.
  • Keep your hair hydrated. In addition to applying masks moisturizers in your hair once a week, make sure to use after each wash products that help you regenerate the strands from dyeing and bleaching. Our favorite is the Dove Daily Super Moisturizer Regenerative Growthformulated with a powerful blend of active nutrients to care for hair.
  • Avoid hot water and heat tools. Try to wash your hair with warm or cold water and identify your hair type to find out which is the maximum temperature at which you should use your iron and other heat tools. Thus, you will prolong the life of your dye.
  • Stylize with products of natural origin. Control frizz and regenerate your hair while you style it with products such as Bioexpert Antifrizz Plant Stem Cell styling cream. With a formula made up of natural ingredients (free of salt, parabens, colorants, alcohol and paraffin), it gives your hair the shine and softness you’ve always wanted.

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