The complete guide to get the most out of styling creams


Styling creams are the star products in our hair care arsenals. And it is that, the reason to adore them is simple: they control and model the hair with great efficiency, allowing us to rest from the thermal tools and, even, treat the specific problems of our hair during the day, almost without realizing it.

Of course, as with any other product, its effectiveness depends on your knowledge to select the right one, as well as the skill you acquire to apply it. Take note and get the most out of them!

What does styling cream do to hair?

A styling cream is designed to give hair texture, body, and hold. This leaves a more natural finish than other styling products, as it coats the strands and enhances shine, as well as leaving the hair hydrated. Likewise, it is a product for daily use whose mission is to facilitate the combing and untangling process.

Benefits of styling creams

Among its many benefits, its ability to provide greater elasticity to the hair strand, control the frizzboost shine and enhance structure.

Although it is versatile, it can help to achieve any type of hairstyle, it does not matter if it is loose or collected. The options on the market are extensive, to adapt according to your type and thickness of hair. Depending on their formulation, they can be great for protecting hair from damage caused by bad styling habits, pollution, weather, and even UV rays!

How are styling creams used?

Woman with styling cream in her hands
Applying this product daily to your damp hair will make it look radiant. Credit: All Things Hair.

You can use it on dry or damp hair (not wet, as the water could dilute the product). However, the best way to take advantage of it is by making a first application on damp hair —only from the mid-lengths to the ends— and, once it has dried, carry out the necessary additional touch-ups.

To prevent your hair from becoming heavy, use approximately five grams in each application. Remember that the texture and thickness of your hair also influence the dose that you should use; For this reason, we suggest you gradually add small portions the size of a walnut, until the desired effect is achieved.

The main difference between conditioner and styling cream is that the former requires rinsing. The styling cream, on the other hand, is applied to wet or dry hair, depending on the product, and is left on the hair. That is, it does not need to be rinsed with water. A hair care routine can include both products.

You may think that the more product you apply, the longer your hair will look better. However, less is more. When you abuse this product, your hair looks heavy and even greasy.

If after applying the cream you use an iron, tongs or a dryer, you will only be able to evaporate the product. These types of creams do not protect against thermal damage. Instead, apply a heat protectant for hair or a few drops of Argan oil.

What is the best hair cream?

Fortunately, there is a variety that is perfect for every type of hair. We list our preferred options for every need!

Defined curls styling cream

Chinos and waves require good hydration to achieve better definition. This quality provides greater flexibility, helping to shape the natural shape of your hair and preventing it from being affected by heat. frizz.

We trust the TRESemmé Defined Curls Styling Cream + Hydration.

TRESemmé Curls Styling Cream

Sedal Defined Curls Styling Cream

If you are looking to control the most rebellious curly hair and give movement to its natural shape, the Sedal line can be your best ally. Its new formulas contain an active infusion based on an oil, a vitamin and a protein, to give your hair everything it needs!

Choose the Sedal Defined Curls styling creamwith coconut oil, provitamin B5 and elastin, fixes the curls, hydrates and reduces frizz.

Sedal Defined Curls Styling Cream

Combing cream Sedal Liso Perfecto

If, on the other hand, you want to achieve an impeccably straight hair, then you need a formula that relaxes the hair fiber and closes the cuticles, providing greater shine and softness. get it with the Sedal Liso Perfecto combing cream. Specially designed for your hair type, it enhances and perfects its natural texture.

Combing cream Sedal Liso Perfecto

hair creams with frizz

The secret of a controlled mane lies in fighting the porosity and hair dryness. Proper moisturizing is essential to get rid of frizz!

Our favorite is the Sedal Anti-Sponge combing creamas it balances the moisture level of the hair, keeping the volume controlled.

Styling creams for damaged hair

The Combing cream Sedal Instant Restoration Contributes to reversing hair deterioration from the first use. Its formula with almond oil, vitamin C and keratin helps eliminate hair damage from the first use, leaving hair restored, stronger and full of life.

Combing cream Sedal Instant Restoration

Styling creams that stimulate hair growth

The products you use to style your hair also play an important role in its growth. Look for highly nutritious formulas, such as TRESemmé +LONG styling cream. Due to its light formula, with caffeine and vitamin B complex, it facilitates combing while strengthening the hair fibers and preventing their breakage. In addition, it contains a UV filter to protect your hair from the sun’s rays.

TRESemmé + LONG Styling Cream

Dove styling cream

Without a doubt, they are the best allies at all times, since they can be used in the shower (to condition) and outside of it (to style), accompanying you at every step of your hair care routine.

we love the Dove Nutrition Antifrizz Daily Moisturizer, Dove Micellar Care and Dove Anti-Knot Hydration.

Dove Nutrition Anti-Frizz Daily Moisturizer

Dove Micellar Care Daily Moisturizer

Dove Anti-Knot Hydration Daily Moisturizer

Coconut styling cream

The Combing creams Sedal Quinoa and Linseed and Coffee Line and Castor Oil, contain active coconut oil, which adheres to the surface and penetrates the hair fiber, softening and aligning the hair. In addition, they are enriched with other natural ingredients such as caffeine and quinoa, which nourish and stimulate hair follicles. Therefore, both promote hair growth and strengthen it.

Sedal Quinoa & Linseed Combing Cream

Sedal Coffee & Castor Oil Combing Cream

Bioexpert styling cream

Bioexpert styling products have multiple benefits, such as controlling frizz and promoting hair regeneration. In addition, they are powerful allies against damage. Its ingredients are of natural origin and are free of salt, parabens, dyes, alcohol and paraffins.

try the Bioexpert Placenta Vegetal combing cream If your hair is curly, it does not saturate the hair over time and gives it the shine and softness it needs.

Bioexpert Placenta Vegetal combing cream for curly hair

Now the Combing cream Bioexpert Antifrizz Vegetable Stem Cells It is functional on all types of hair, leaving it soft and under control.

Bioexpert Antifrizz Combing Cream Vegetable Stem Cells

Keratin styling cream

Due to its powerful concentrate of keratin and pearl, the TRESemmé Antifrizz styling cream will leave your hair frizz free for the whole day. Although it is also moisturizing, it will leave you looking strong and healthy.

TRESemmé Antifrizz Styling Cream

Combing cream for men

Consider the eGo Deep Moisture modeling cream if your hair is wavy or curly and you want to create soft hairstyles, with movement and a light hold. Or choose the eGo Control Hair Loss modeling cream for decrease breakage and leave hair manageable.

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