+17 hairstyles for first communion, easy and beautiful


When it comes to a first communion, every detail counts to make it a special and memorable day. Culturally, this is a time of joy and celebration, so we all want our little ones to look their best, without making them lose that childish and playful touch. If you are looking for the ideal first communion hairstyle, in this article we share a variety of simple and charming styles to inspire you.

From classic options to more modern ones, here you will find inspiration to stand out on this important occasion.

Beautiful and easy first communion hairstyles: Basic guide to achieve them

Woman with hairstyle for first communion with soft waves and flower brooch
At the first communion, every detail counts to make this day special and memorable. Credit: Instagram.com/cintiapjasso.

Choose the right hairstyle

The options for first communion hairstyles are endless, you can wear your hair up or down, with soft waves. But, to select the best style, you have to keep personality in mind and try to keep it conservative and inconspicuous.

Also, consider comfort. For these types of occasions, children generally need to keep their hair out of the face and a base in their hair to support either the traditional bows or flower crowns, so you can take advantage of braids or half pigtails.

Prepare the hair

As preparation prior to styling, we recommend washing your hair and hydrating it with products that leave it soft and manageable, such as shampoo and Conditioning treatment Sedal Hydration Antiknots. Thus, the hair will be free of knots and ready to be accommodated in any direction.

Antiknot Moisturizing Line Shampoo

Conditioning treatment Sedal Hydration Anti-knots

select accessories

An almost essential factor that you should take into consideration are the accessories. either a veila diadema crown or even flowers loose; these should be white or light neutral tones. Each one works as a tool to adorn the hair with a conservative essence, very first communion.

Trust styling products

Our best advice is to spare no hairspray! In the newsroom we love the TRESemmé Extreme sprayideal for creating complex hairstyles that last all day.

TRESemmé Extreme Spray

Editor’s tip: If you are going to make waves or curls, a good trick is to spray the product on each section before styling it with the iron or curling iron and, once more, once it is cold. This way you will get them to keep their shape for longer.

Now, some hairstyles need a gel, especially when it comes to achieving up-dos or styling the baby hair. For them use the Folicure Original fixing gelwhich has a medium to high fixation level.

Folicure Original fixing gel

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