The best ways to wear a ‘balayage’ on short, straight and dark hair


If you want to renew your hair with a flattering result, the highlights balayage on short straight and dark hair they are the best solution. Famous for its luminous and warm effect, this technique is perfect for lighten your hair without losing an iota of naturalness. And it is that its wide range of shades and its particular finish make it very flattering for anyone.

Maude Apatow with brown balayage on short straight dark hair, bob cut with hat
The ‘balayage’ is a coloring technique that is characterized by its effect as illuminated by the sun. In the image, Maude Apatow. Credit:

The balayage It is a French technique that is done by painting locks freehand, without the need for a dye cap or even aluminum foil. The transition from one tone to another is very subtle, achieving a very natural degraded effect, as if illuminated by the sun. In addition, it is perfect for giving light, movement and dimension to the hair and does not require frequent touch-ups such as even bleaching, since the balayage It is commonly done from the mid-lengths to the ends, without touching the roots.

Our recommendation is that a professional stylist dye your hair, so you will avoid failures in your looks. However, if you already have some experience, you can try do freehand highlights at home.

  1. Brush your hair perfectly and part where you usually mark it.
  2. Prepare the mixture and apply it to the desired strands, using the highlight brush. Avoid contact of the dye with the scalp as much as possible, as this effect is characterized by starting a few centimeters lower.
  3. The application time depends on the natural color of your hair and the degree of bleaching desired.
  4. Rinse the hair with water and check that you have obtained the desired shade.
  5. Wash your hair as you normally do.

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balayage in very short hair

Kristen Stewart with blonde balayage on very short dark hair
The ‘balayage’ highlights favor all types and lengths of hair. In the image, Kristen Stewart. Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Give your straight hair a twist with a subtle balayage in golden tones. This low-maintenance technique will help you add movement and volume to your short hair.

balayage gray on brunettes with short hair

Jourdan Dunn with platinum Californian highlights on short hair
Jourdan Dunn’s platinum balayage is perfect for stealing looks. Credit: Shutterstock.

When we say that the balayage It can be worn in any shade, it’s serious. For example, this color fades black to light gray to create texture, volume, and depth in the hair. You can take it from the darkest tone (starting from the root), to the lightest or vice versa, it’s up to you.

balayage for brunettes with straight and short hair

Salma Hayek with balayage on short dark hair
Salma Hayek rocks a sunlit, highlighted effect on dark, straight hair. Credit: Shutterstock.

If your hair is black or very dark brown, then opt for a balayage in a warm shade, like caramel or gold. These shades will make your hair glow immediately.

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Balayage on short straight hair

Ashley Graham with balayage on short straight hair
Ashley Graham sports a chocolate fade on medium hair. Credit: Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock.

Chocolate highlights are perfect for giving hair a shiny, healthy look. This hair style is one of the simplest and most natural, perfect for giving your straight hair a subtle twist.

balayage ash blonde on short hair

Woman with ash blonde balayage on short straight hair
You will love the contrast of ash blonde with medium tones. Credit:

If your base tone is medium, the best way to illuminate it is with highlights in ashy tones. Ask your stylist to do them a few inches below the root to avoid constant touch-ups.

balayage in short black hair

Vanessa Hudgens with dark based Californian highlights, short straight hair
A caramel balayage is perfect to illuminate black hair. In the image, Vanessa Hudgens. Credit:

The balayage candy It is perfect to wear with black hair and create an impactful mane. You can also contrast black with lighter shades, or with fantasy tones.

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balayage in short dark hair

Selena Gomez with balayage in short dark hair
Selena Gomez brings her short hair to life with brown balayage. Credit:

This style of faded highlights is ideal for illuminating dark hair and keeping the color alive for longer.

balayage dark brown short hair

Lucy Hale with dark brown balayage on short hair
This golden chestnut is perfect to illuminate your hair. Word of Lucy Hale. Credit:

If your base is chestnut, we recommend lighting your hair with some highlights in golden, caramel or reddish tones. You will love the result!

balayage on medium short hair

Joey King with caramel balayage on straight hair with bangs
Joey King’s highlights are ideal for gaining movement, especially if your hair is straight. Credit: Domine Jerome/ABACA/Shutterstock.

Straight hair looks amazing with a balayage warm. Add this type of highlights to your looks It will help you draw all the attention to your eyes and frame your features. In addition, you will gain movement and volume.

balayage caramel and honey short hair

Taylor Hill with caramel and honey balayage on short hair
The blonde highlights are a subtle way to give light to a brown hair, as is worn by Taylor Hill. Credit:

This is a clear example of how a balayage in short hair smooth and dark is the ideal option for brunettes. This technique is ideal for lightening hair without having to go through complete bleaching.

balayage honey color on short hair

Emma Chamberlain with honey balayage on short hair
Emma Chamberlain gives her short hair movement with balayage highlights. Credit:

If your base is brown or black, the best way to get into the blonde tones It can be through some wicks. Take them in platinum, ash, honey or gold tones, the options are varied and very flattering.

balayage platinum blonde short hair

Woman with platinum blonde balayage on short brown hair
Platinum blonde on short hair is our inspiration for a change of ‘look’. Credit:

If your hair is black and you want to try a blonde shade, we recommend a balayage platinum plated for the perfect luminosity.

balayage white in short hair

Woman with white balayage on short black straight hair
White highlights are suitable for the most daring. Credit:

If you are tired of dyeing your hair in the same shade all the time and want to experiment with your hair, we recommend you try the highlights balayage in white on your dark tint. In addition, this coloring will allow you hide your gray hair and illuminate your hair.

balayage in short hair for men

Austin Butler with golden balayage on short blonde hair
Austin Butler shows us that this French technique is suitable for everyone. Credit: Scott Garfitt/Shutterstock for BAFTA.

Men with short hair can also wear streaks of different colors or with an effect. balayage. Ask your stylist to make them one to two shades lighter than your natural shade.

Straight short hair + balayage blond

Woman with golden blonde balayage on short straight dark hair
We all want to wear such flattering blonde highlights. Credit:

Short hair blonde has an extra benefit: make you look younger. By applying some highlights that outline your face from the height of your cheeks, you will look spectacular.

Red balayage highlights on short hair

Woman with red balayage highlights on short black hair
If you are going to dye your dark hair for the first time, try a ‘balayage’ in reddish tones. Credit:

For those who have black hair and want to dye it for the first time, they can opt for a reddish coloration. try a ombre or a balayage. You will not regret!

balayage fantasy for short hair

Woman with green balayage on straight black hair
Neon green is perfect for dabbling in fantasy dyes. Credit:

The advantage of dark hair is that you can make it bicolor with other shades. With green it looks amazing.

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