12 Men’s High Fade Styles You’ll Want to Imitate


We know that the different styles for men could complicate your choice, however, the cut fade tall is ideal for all those looking for a looks comfortable, attractive and easy to style. Without a doubt, versatile is the word that best defines it, as it allows you to experiment with different shapes and finishes.

The kings of hip-hop were in charge of putting it on the map during the eighties, but its origins go back four decades before, with the US army. Now, the cycle of fashion repeats itself and the fade dominates the current scene.

Man with high fade cut and mustache
A high ‘fade’ is one that leaves the hair long at the crown of the head and a shorter length at the bottom. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy.

The key to identifying a fade tall, also known as high fade, is when the hair begins to fade around the temples and ears, ending with very short tips at the nape of the neck or revealing the skin of the lower area. Of course, at the crown, the hair is longer and is shaped with other popular cuts, such as the quiffthe military or even a mohican. You choose!

This design allows you to work with different textures on the upper and adjust according to your personal style.

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Cut fade high, medium and low

Men's High Fade Cut
The fade in a ‘fade’ cut can be low, medium or high. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun.

There are three types of cut fade: low, medium and high. While the latter begins to fade, as we said before, in the temple area, the second and first meet between the ears and halfway towards the top. If you are going to choose a high fadeyou can choose between the following styles…

Cut high fade with french crop

Wavy-haired man with high fade cut and French crop
The ‘french crop’ with a high ‘fade’ is one of the most requested styles in hairdressers. Credit: Instagram.com/charlievenn_barber.

In a french crop, the hair is directed towards the forehead and maintains a slightly longer length in this area, with a straight cut. This is a long-lasting, low-maintenance style.

Caesar cut with fade for men

Caesar haircut for men with faded to the sides
The Caesar cut for men was a success in the 90s and today it is back in its best version. Credit: Shutterstock.

Although the Caesar cut and the french crop They are very similar, the difference between the two is the finish and the type of fringe. In this case, the locks go to the front and to the sides, with sharp and asymmetrical tips. Also, layers give hair texture and movement.

Cut pompadour with high fade

Man with pompadour haircut with high fade
Looking for a sophisticated and polished ‘look’? Try fusing a ‘fade’ and a ‘pompadour’. Credit: Shutterstock.

Here two classics merge, and the result is as sophisticated as it is elegant and attractive. You only need to reveal the skin and add volume with a view of the sky to obtain a radical change, perfect for work meetings and other formal events.

Man with high fade cut and pompadour for round face
Round-faced men are the ones who can get the most benefits from a ‘pompadour’. Credit: Mauro Del Signore/Shutterstock.

You can choose between a court pompadour with side stripes that define the center area, or a less marked style. This is ideal for men with round faces, as it visually lengthens the features.

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Cut fade high with entrances

Faded cut for men with beards and receding
The high fade with bushy beard is the winning formula to look very stylish. Credit: Shutterstock.

Don’t let tickets be an impediment to showing off a looks very stylish. Instead of covering them up, she pulls her hair back from the center and calls for a high fade effect on the sides. And it doesn’t matter if you have a beard, better! Thus, your face will look balanced.

Long haircut with high fade

Man with long haircut and faded to the sides
Long hair can also be worn with a ‘fade’. Credit: brockwegner/Unsplash.

We know that usually a fade comes with a short haircut. However, there is always the option of leaving it long in the center and with a high gradient on the sides. This is ideal for curly and abundant hair, as it helps to control the volume and opens the door to new styling possibilities, such as braids double.

V cut with high fade

Man with v-cut back and high fade
The V cut for men creates a sophisticated and polished look. Credit: Instagram.com/mattjbarbers.

Although the termination of the cut fade is usually rounded, you can break the rules and ask your hairdresser to style it in V cut at the back. This will create volume at the crown of the head and lengthen your features.

Short haircut with volume and v-shaped bangs for men
If you’re looking for an irreverent vibe cut, try V-shaped bangs. Credit: Shutterstock

Now, another option is to design a triangle bangs. The angles of a cut of this type are perfect to visually lengthen round faces and provide an irreverent air.

Editor’s tip: If you want to appear taller, ask your hairstylist for more volume at the crown of your head with short, feathered layers.

Cut quiff + high fade

Men's Quiff Haircut with Side Fade
The ‘quiff’ is one of the styles that never go out of style. Credit: Shutterstock.

describe a quiff it’s really simple. We are talking about a longer cut at the top than on the sides, which is usually styled towards the back. Therefore, a gradient is a must to style it. Go for this style if you are looking for a classy look.

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Man with high fade haircut and beard
To do a high fade, all you need is a cutting machine and a lot of patience to style in front of the mirror. Credit: Shutterstock.

Achieving a perfect transition from the temple to the nape of the neck will be your goal, and to achieve this, you need: a clipper, a comb, and a mirror.

  1. Start at the sides, taking as reference the midpoint between the hairline and the eyebrows.
  2. Mark an initial line with the machine, from the right side to the left, circling the head.
  3. Remove the hair from the mark to the nape of the neck. Of course, keep in mind that the highest number will leave the hair shaved, so be very clear beforehand if you want to show the skin or prefer a short length.
  4. From that point, shape your cut, oscillating with the numbers on the machine.
  5. Set your cutting tool two numbers down, to subtly fade.
  6. Use it up and go down the numbers to the most open to finish the design successfully.

Editor’s tip: Before cutting your hair, wash it with the Ax Gold liquid soap to make it manageable. If you have a beard, it can also be your best ally.

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