The best sports to get rid of stress: leave anxiety at work

Stress is one of the evils that we suffer today. Day by day we submit to situations that make us feel down and weak to cope with our journey. That’s why we have to look for alternatives to end this stress.

Stress usually brings with it diseases and malaise that often ends up making our health worse. For this, it is necessary that we get down to work and know how to remedy it.

Stress is something that harasses us every day and makes our life is not full. For this reason, it is necessary that we carry out activities that help us fight it

Vitónica wants to help us to reduce stress, for them we will stop in several exercises that will help us to feel more relaxed. We just have to dedicate a few days a week to their practice and we will surely improve our state.

Stress, the source of many evils for the organism

Stress is the cause, as we have said, of many diseases. Stress supposes a lowering of the defenses in our body and puts us at risk of suffering from any disease. For that reason, it is necessary that we finish with him if we want to feel healthier and in a better state.

To practice sports what we get is to release serotonin, a cute time that is responsible for making us feel more happy and relaxed. Without realizing what we get is to be happier and at the same time end tensions that produce stress. This will lead us to feel much better in the long run.

For this reason, sport is essential because it will help us not only be healthier but also help us to feel much better emotionally. On this occasion, we are going to stop at five activities that will not be of great help.

Yoga, an activity to relax every day

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First, let’s start with a classic for all people who want to end stress. It’s about yoga. Yoga is an activity that puts the body in contact with the mind. In this way what we achieve it, through exercise, to make our mind relax and rest.

As we already know that yoga is developed through a series of positions that we must adapt with our body and that will help us to stretch all the parts of the body and make the muscles relax. In theory, this is the essence of yoga but we should not forget the importance of breathing during the whole training session. Yoga will help you to control your mind and body as much as possible. It is important the breathing and relaxation that we are going to achieve through its control

Precisely breathing is the most important thing when it comes to relaxing. In yoga, breathing plays an important role . Precisely makes us have a record of how we should breathe And control at every moment the inspiration and expiration of the air. This is what makes us feel much more relaxed and therefore yoga, in addition to putting different parts of the body to work, what it does is, through breathing, significantly improve our state of health.

Cycling, an activity to avoid everyday life

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In the second place, we are going to stop in an aerobic activity known as cycling. It is an activity that allows us to vary the environment where it will develop. This will help us to evade our day to day and our daily reality. We must not forget that it is an aerobic activity that will have great benefits for our body.

As we said before cycling, we can get out of our environment . Especially when we move to quiet places in the middle of nature, we will get to feel much more relaxed and thus end up with the stress that surrounds us daily. Cycling can be a perfect escape valve to everyday life. Cycling, in addition to being a complete aerobic activity, will help us move to different places and quiet that will end the stress

We must not forget that cycling is an aerobic activity that activates our circulation and our breathing. For these reasons, we will improve blood pressure and get better muscle tension. These two factors so that we feel much more relaxed and de-stressed since exercise alone fights anxiety and stress.

Pilates, another activity that will help us to be in top shape while we feel relaxed

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As a third alternative, we will stop at another classic that is emerging with great force on how it is about pilates. This sport has something in common with yoga, the control of breathing. For this reason, pilates is a very suitable activity when it comes to achieving better relaxation.

Unlike yoga, pilates combine exercises in which body activity is elevated above all muscle activation. But do not forget that breathing plays an important role, especially now to execute each of the movements that we must carry out in each routine. This will eventually make us feel more relaxed. Pilates is a complete activity that will help us to work the body and perfectly control breathing and body muscles to end stress

The body awareness that we acquire with Pilates will improve concentration, relaxation, attention, body balance … Precisely these points will make Pilates a perfect tool to help us fight everyday stress. In addition to offering us another series of benefits that we can not ignore and that will not serve to be much better physically at a general level.

Running, another activity that will help us to de-stress

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As a fourth alternative, we will focus on another full aerobic exercise that can not go unnoticed in this post, it is about the race. Running will have a direct effect on our blood circulation and above all the control of breathing and the air that circulates through our body.

It is precisely these points that make the race a very good activity when fighting stress. On the one hand, we have the activation of the breath and the control that we are going to have on it, and on the other, we have the activation of the different muscles of the body that will make us not feel fully fit. Precisely this so that we leave aside the stress. Running is a complete aerobic activity, which will also activate blood circulation, activate breathing and help us to be more relaxed

Do not forget that the race can also be practiced outdoors so we can move to totally different places of our day today. This will allow us to develop the activity in parks, in forests, in short, in direct contact with nature. This means being in a relaxed environment where we will be able to breathe fresh air and develop an activity that will be of great help when it comes to feeling good.

Swimming, an activity that will make us happier

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The last place we are going to stop an activity that is also considered very relaxing. It’s about swimming. As we know it is a complete activity that could work all the muscles of the body, but what we did not have so clear is that it will help us to relax. Of course, it is essential to develop it correctly and calmly.

First of all, we must keep in mind that swimming will help us eliminate some substances that we accumulate throughout the day such as cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Adrenaline is another of them, and above all, it is what makes us tense. The combination of both is what makes us feel stressed, and therefore it is necessary that we reduce them from our body.Swimming is a complete activity that will help us activate all the muscles of the body and eliminate substances that cause the appearance of stress

Swimming is one of the best ways to make these substances decrease. Do not forget that when we swim we put into operation all the parts of our body. This will make us activate the circulation in addition to getting better control of the breath AND of all the parts that make up our body since we must work with them rhythmically. Therefore swimming will help us greatly to feel much better.

These activities are only a sample of those that can help us, but there are many others that we can not ignore. In the end, each one of us is different and relaxes one thing or another. We invite you to share with us the activities that relax you. What we must have clear is that when doing sports we will feel much better with us.

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