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quotes about loving from a distance quotes about loving from a distance


11 Quotes and Tips on making A Long distance relationship to work



Quotes about loving from a distance, loving from a distance quotes, quotes about love at a distance, quote on distance love

Falling in love (in this case a person, not a place) and making a long-distance relationship work can be one of the many wonderful side effects of traveling and studying abroad. But, once you return home, it may be difficult to prevent physical distance from becoming an emotional distance. The good thing is that you will not have to shave so much or clean your house every bit, but you will need to work hard and have determination and optimism to turn that temporary distance into a story of permanent love.

However, nothing is impossible, and these tips can be useful for your burgeoning romance, regardless of the miles that separate you. (An expert on great distances tells you, a little effort gives a very good result). Read below the tricks for distance relationship we offer you:

Quotes About Loving From A Distance

1. Find the best time to communicate (frequently)

quotes about loving from a distance

Although it always works to send messages and emails, sometimes you need to talk and have a real-time conversation. Depending on the distance, it may take some time to find the best hours to talk, but with practice, you get to perfection and funny voice messages can compensate for calls that have not been made and the lack of synchronization. And no, it doesn’t matter if you can only call on Sunday mornings, the key is to make time for the other person.

2. Find the best means to keep your relationship at a distance

quotes about loving from a distance

Once you have organized the hours, it is also important to find the right means. Fortunately, it was never easier or cheaper to be in touch with the world: normally you only need a Wi-Fi connection to talk and send messages via Skype. It has to be a communication tool that both of you can easily access, and don’t forget that using various media will make communication much more exciting.

3. Use your creativity

Record an audio message at night, write a letter, send a postcard or send a box with food or a recording with songs. Use your imagination and find new and surprising ways to let your partner know what you think of him or her. This does not mean that you have to clean your bank account: you do not need to hire a plane to write poems in the sky, how about hiding post-its with affectionate notes during your next visit?

Quotes About Loving From A Distance

4. Don’t avoid discussions in a distance relationship

quotes about loving from a distance

When weeks or months pass before you see each other, or when you speak different languages, it is easy to ignore problems or concerns. No one wants to spend time arguing if they only have 48 hours to be with the other person, but avoiding confrontations and discussions can be harmful in the long term. It is better that you talk about the things that bother you before they become huge obstacles in your relationship. But do not argue through text messages or email (you have to read too much between the lines), discuss things in person or by phone as soon as it arises. Having said that…

5. Talk things

Always try to be honest and open about your feelings. Not knowing where your partner is at some time or with whom he spent Saturday night can lead you to think too much and have unnecessary fears. The fact that social networks make it easier to see (or imagine) how well someone has had a good time does not help much. It is important that you trust each other enough to share your thoughts and feelings and find ways to deal with jealousy, anxiety or doubts together.

Quotes About Loving From A Distance

6. See the glass half full

quotes about loving from a distance

You will live your usual life at the same time that you have a long-distance relationship, and that can be both a blessing and a curse: you may feel that you are missing things because it is more difficult to do what normal couples do, such as Go pick up your partner at work or eat together. However, it can also be a great advantage to have time for yourself: if you have to study or work for many hours, you will not disappoint your partner for having to cancel plans for dinner or to go to the cinema, for example.

7. Do boring things together

When you only see each other a few times a year, it will always be like a vacation. Well, it will probably be a vacation for when you can miss work or class. There is nothing wrong with relaxing and sleeping, having late breakfast and visiting places, but it is also good to do boring things, you know, everyday things like doing laundry, running errands or mowing the lawn. Try to make everyday activities fun and exciting when you do them together, it is best to test a relationship, right?

8. Know when you are going to see each other again

quotes about loving from a distance

Depending on the free time and the cost, it can be difficult to be together. Not knowing when it will be the next time you see each other can interfere with your feelings and your life plans. So it is best to set a date as soon as possible after returning home. That way, you can both plan ahead and take advantage of flight offers and promotions, and you will also have something to look forward to! (The surprise visits are great too, of course, so do some if you can).

Quotes About Loving From A Distance

9. Do things together – Quotes About Loving From A Distance

quotes about loving from a distance

Desperate situations need creative measures to spend time with the couple: you can do things together even if you are not in the same place. Thank you, video calling functions. Today there is no excuse for not sharing screen time and cooking, eating, shopping or going for a walk with your partner using video chat. Don’t forget that you can also watch the same movie while you talk or chat.

10. Use something that reminds you of your partner

quotes about loving from a distance

There will be some moments when no call or message compensates that you are not together. It will help you to wear your favorite shirt or drink in your favorite cup. Those memories may be cheesy, but they work. A sample of your favorite perfume or the detergent you use for your clothes can make time zones disappear for a moment, don’t be ashamed to use those methods if you desperately need to feel close to your partner.

11. Meet the people and visit the sites

The more you speak and get to know each other, the more you will mention people or places that the other person does not know. Whenever possible, present – with a photo or in-person – to the people you interact with or the places you go to most frequently. That way, everyday conversations will make much more sense and you will feel more that you are part of your partner’s life, despite the distance.

Quotes About Loving From A Distance

  • “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous
  • “I would rather be here, far from you, but feeling really close, rather than close to you but feeling really far away.” – Emma, Glee Season 4
  • Love is but a burning fire, the distance between us only increases our desire.
Quotes About Loving From A Distance
  • I am jealous of people who get to see you every day
  • Trying to keep your distance You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection…
  • No distance of place or lapse of time No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who…
  • Thank you for loving me This is not goodbye, my darling, this is thank you.
  • We are the perfect couple; we’re just not in the perfect situation.
  • The longest period of time is waiting for something or someone you truly want.
  • When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers, remember that in those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever.
  • In long distance relationships, without time what you call love is meaningless.

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10 Awesome Tips: How to talk to a Girl?



how to talk to a girl

How to talk to a Girl?- Is it happening to you that you want to conquer a girl who has brought you crazy in love for several days and you don’t know what strategy to take to get to her?

Starting a talk with that lovely girl would not be so difficult if you put attention to this article where I will explain how to talk to a girl, with certain tips.

How To Talk To A Girl

Do not lower your arms before entering the battle, sit and relax and with a coffee in hand, you will imagine the young woman of your dreams, looking intensely into your eyes and letting yourself be carried away by your sweet words.

How to achieve it? Here we go for it, pay attention to these tips , and life will be smiling at you like never before!

How to talk with a Girl

If you have seen a girl in a certain place and you have not been able to get her out of your head, it is because there was a fatal attraction, undoubtedly.

That usually happens to men repeatedly, but when we try to do something to meet them and tell them what happens to us, we get blocked!

how to talk to a woman or girl if I'm shy and I don't know what to tell her

Nerves and insecurity seize us and we remain without fulfilling our objective of facing it, in order to confess to that stranger … how much we like it! …

Let’s look at these tips and with a lot of faith in yourself, to put them into play!

1. Causes a look with yours (How to talk with a Girl)

how to talk to a girl you don't know

He looks for her gaze watching her carelessly but without besieging her.

Ideally, after looking at it for a couple of seconds, she turns her eyes towards you and looks at you too, but this does not always happen first hand, so the important thing is that you advance your determination and insist on your purpose.

She will feel your eyes fixed on herself and will look at you as careless, with some blush. That is the most encouraging principle. (Read: How to conquer a girl )

2. Approach it with a simple hello!

how to talk with a girl you don't know

If you are in a closed place, call yourself a bar, library or store, look at it and get as close as you can and emit a “hello” between shy and secure, firmly, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by your progress.

Do not forget that she is a girl you do not know yet and her response is unpredictable, but to a simple greeting, with nothing overlapping, she will react favorably, returning the greeting and you will have taken another step. (Read more: What Is The Best Compliment For Girl?).

3. Find a way to talk

It is important that you take into account that the place where you are seeing it can give you lyrics for an informal greeting.

If you are in a library, you can ask her if she knows where you should register, or something like that, or in the case of finding her in a bar, you can try to approach and raise your glass by symbolically giving her, demonstrating your good energy, that she will not leave ignore.

how to talk to a girl

It is likely that she will not respond with your same attitude, but yes, you will have earned her first smile of the day.

4. What to talk to a girl

how to talk to a girl

Refer to a person who is located in the place where you are and ask if he knows her because you think you saw her on television or at an event, but you could not recognize her or remember her name.

It is certain that before such a demonstration, she responds to you with good vibes and you will already be getting a little closer to her.

5. Find out about current topics

how to interest a woman

The general culture about different reasons to talk about various topics that can help you a lot, in circumstances in which you are trying to establish a dialogue with a girl that attracts you.

The news of the day can go from the rise of certain student fees to gossip about someone very popular. The important thing is that all dialogue be positive and optimistic, beyond the content of the news.

6. Ask for their opinion about your comments

techniques of conquering a woman

Obviously, talk is of two, tempt her to give your opinion about your comments, if applicable, so that you can generate empathy that will give impetus to your goal of conquering it.

Ask her if she communicates on WhatsApp and get ready for messages, to keep fluent talks with her.

7. Invite her to share a game online

how to talk to a girl

There are many applications offered by the internet today that, well you can take advantage of as a topic to start a conversation with a pretty girl, it will also lead you to have a fun relaxed with her, making the most of the positive energy that both will enjoy each other.

8. Make nice bets with her

How to talk to a Girl

Your wish has to come true at any cost, so do not hesitate to make funny bets for her to get excited and laugh. How to talk to a girl

In informal talks, data may arise that, can be used to subtly fix it to your memory, you might say the funny nickname that your friends gave you next to the motive, and then bet that she will hardly remember it.

If he gets hooked on the game, surely your name will keep spinning on his head.

9. Make her laugh a lot

how to make her laugh

Be funny naturally, do not try to release phrases or proposals that she will take without enthusiasm and laugh for a compliment. Spontaneity plays an essential role in these things and you should not strive to do so.

All men usually have our “rebuses” to achieve sincere laughter in a girl. Apply it and you will see that the results will be better than you thought.

I hope you have made it clear that to talk to a girl, you have lots of resources on the table to use. Try to undertake each one neatly according to the circumstances.

Being consistent is the transcendental basis in this since if you are something intolerant and she has not followed you, it does not always mean that you are not attracted to her and that she does not want to be someone in your life.

There are many reasons because there may be no feeling at the beginning, the safest is a certain distrust or shyness, typical in these cases.

But the truth and certain is that there is no worse harm than not trying if you see that a little bit of interest appears on the part of that girl, that maybe … I am looking forward to you to decide to talk to her!

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85 Happy Birthday Quotes to congratulate to Your Family and Friend



Happy Birthday Quotes to mom

It’s a special day but, admit it, when it’s time to sign the greeting card or send a WhatsApp you never know what to put. We remedy that with the best Happy Birthday Quotes wishes.

The birthday is a very special day for everyone: it is not celebrated every day that 365 days of life (XD) have been exceeded. That is why friends, family and loved ones want to share with the closest ones the anniversary of that person for whom they feel so much affection and are encouraged to buy gifts to celebrate it.

Among them, there is no shortage of greeting cards, the writing of which is not always simple: the dedication that is included tests the originality of our neurons and does not always succeed. we remedy this problem by collecting 71 Happy Birthday Quotes that will take you out of the way.

The most important thing is that the message you send (in dedication, WhatsApp or SMS) is original, with feeling and that impacts your receiver so that it is not in a broken bag and remember it year after year.

Happy Birthday Quotes for the funniest

– In each leg or in each ham, but how good the years we have and that we still have. Congratulations!

– Zum Geburtstag viel Glück, zum Geburtstag viel Glück, zum Geburtstag liebe (insert birthday name), zum Geburtstag viel Glück !!! In case you didn’t have things to do, here I leave you this phrase so that you try to decipher it. A clue as to a ‘birthday gift’: I would write it in the Google translator. Congratulations!

– Behave for a good day! May all your dreams come true in this new stage you begin.

– They say that among friends, sincerity should prevail. Don’t get bitter, but … you’re getting old. May you meet many more, grandfather!

– Remember that when asked how old you are, you can always answer: “18”. You really have 18 … and 32 experience. Congratulations! – Example set for a person who turns 50 years old.

– You have turned so many years that you no longer know what circumstance face to put when you sing the ‘happy birthday’. This year I will be good and I will change this hit for your favorite song. Prepare the umbrella, that with how well I sing it is possible to rain. Congratulations!

– Congratulations!! You have one year left to stop supporting your mother-in-law.

– Fun and geek: If you meet ‘is’, the party ‘is coming’.

– Happy birthday, but hadn’t you met enough last year?

– Happy birthday, but you should know that collecting years is only important if you are a wine.

– Turning years has a disadvantage and an advantage: you don’t see the letters up close, but you see idiots from afar.

– The ‘taitantos’ you feel great.

– You get old … do I pity you or applaud you?

– Great, one year closer to death.

– Congratulations, you’re great and you without knowing it!

– It is your birthday? Well, sheet metal and paint and ready for adventure!

– Time passes … and it works wonders on you!

– You turn your birthday, it’s the new 30, congratulations!

– Congratulations, be optimistic, next year will be worse …

– Happy birthday, laugh and smile while you can, that your teeth have an expiration date

– Make your birthday, but don’t pretend to follow your example, I’m young.

– Such a day as today, your mother, in collaboration with an electric company, gave birth. Shine!

Happy Birthday Quotes for the most sentimental

– May life give you as much happiness as you have given me. Happy Birthday!

– If you had any doubts about whether you would remember the birthday, here is the answer. How could I miss the day when such a special person came to the world?

– If it’s your birthday, why do I have the gift? Thank you for giving me another year of life by your side.

– Imagine how important you are in my life that your birthday is marked as a holiday on my calendar. Congratulations!

– May the new year you start to be as full of joy and happiness as I wish you. May you meet many more!

– If my hand were a pen and my inkwell heart, with the blood of my veins I would write an I love you, friend!

– Congratulations to you and me, for having you every day by my side!

Friendship phrases to surprise your closest ]

Happy Birthday Quotes
Birthday Cake (CC)

Happy Birthday Quotes for the most classic

– I know that words cannot replace a hug, but they serve to send you my best wishes for your birthday. Congratulations on your day!

– That this card serves as the issuer of all the good wishes that I send you for the new year you face. Happy Birthday!

– I wish you a year full of minutes of love, happiness and joy. Happy Birthday.

– I hope that this new year in your life is better than the previous one and that all your dreams come true. Happy birthday with all my heart!

– May happiness and love always accompany you. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday.

– May this special day be for you the beginning of another year of happiness. Happy Birthday!

– All the happiness in the world for this new year that opens before your eyes. Enjoy everything you can!

– Let’s provide that one more year we can toast together and celebrate your birthday. For a lifetime more!

– Happy birthday, I sucked my nose and if you don’t suck it, I sucked a sock.

Phrases to congratulate Christmas ]

Happy Birthday Quotes for best friends

– The family is made up of those beings that one has chosen as such. You have been in mine for years even if we don’t sign with the same last name. Happy Birthday, brother!

– A well-lived today with you makes every yesterday a happy memory and every morning a new hope. Happy Birthday, friend!

– Birthdays come and go. But unforgettable people remain in the heart forever. Happy Birthday.

– For having the ability to surprise me, to rejoice, to give me a smile when I am sad and many other things, I love you. Happy Birthday!

– One more year, one year less, the important thing is that we enjoy it . Happy Birthday!

– Happy birthday to that special person who has always been by my side to share the good and the least good in life. Have a great day.

– I don’t know how long I’ve known you, but any number seems to me little: I have the feeling of being born with you . Happy birthday, chosen brother!

– We have spent a thousand and one parties together, we have laughed until we cry and we have cried until we laugh . What are you waiting for to continue giving me moments by your side? Happy Birthday!

[Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day]

Happy Birthday Quotes for the most original

Happy Birthday Quotes

– To celebrate your birthday I had thought about a Caribbean cruise. Would you mind watering the plants until I return? Happy Birthday!

– This year I have decided to do good work instead of buying you a gift … I am fulfilling it: this morning I had breakfast your favorite bun in your honor. Happy Birthday

– If I don’t give you anything this year, don’t be offended, I’m saving for the next one. Happy Birthday!

– A look, two steps, three words, four caresses, five sighs, six emotions, seven kisses, eight dreams, nine promises … and so on to infinity. Happy Birthday.

– Happy Birthday! I congratulate you for being so mature, so sophisticated and so deep as to give importance to such superficial and material things … as gifts.

– Enjoy, friend, you ‘ll never be so young again!

– Have a horrible day, full of tears and bad times. No … that’s a joke. I just pretended to be original and sure no one had wished you a happy birthday this way. Let’s have fun!

Happy Birthday Quotes for the ‘wicked’

– I thought about giving you a dye for your newly gray hair, but they told me in the store that they were not selling the product for liters. Have fun!

– That the years do not make you older, but wiser. Happy Birthday!

– Have fun on your birthday, because you’ll never be so young again. But be careful, because you’ve never been so old. Happy Birthday.

– I’m celebrating your birthday! You should do it too.

– There is no reason to hide, it is only one more year. Happy Birthday

– What happens for another year? Next year will be worse.

– At certain ages, the birthday should not be a reason for congratulation. Have fun, old women!

– One year less for gray hair to start coming out! Cheer up!

Happy Birthday Quotes for the most learned

– “When they tell me I’m too old to do something, I try to do it right away.” ( Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist)

– “What matters is not how many years you accumulate in life but how much life has accumulated in those years.” ( Abraham Lincoln, president of the USA)

– “In childhood we want us to be older. When we get older we want to be children again. Everything would be splendid if we didn’t have to celebrate the birthday in chronological order.” ( Robert Orben, American comedy writer)

– “Birthdays are very good for your health. Statistics show that those who have more birthdays are the ones who live the most.” (Larry Lorenzoni, Salesian priest)

– “Only a madman celebrates his birthday”. ( George Bernard Shaw, Irish writer)

– “Forty are the mature age of youth; fifty are the youth of mature age.” (Victor Hugo, poet, playwright and French romantic novelist)

– “The more you exalt and celebrate your life, the more you will find in it to celebrate” (Oprah Winfrey, American presenter)

– “It takes a long time to grow young” (Pablo Picasso, Spanish artist)

Birthday phrases for your sister

– “Though argue sometimes we may fight we are sisters, and that’s what makes us such a special and beautiful relationship I hope that this day is very special for you and. You enjoy yourself with your friends and your family who love you at the beginning of your new year. Congratulations! “

– “On a day as radiant as today the sun rises to give us the signal that your birthday has begun. I hope you have a great day in the company of your loved one’s sister, and that we can see each other as soon as possible. I wish you a happy birthday “

– “Do you remember when we went out together as sisters for a bike ride looking for adventures? I remember it as if it were yesterday and that having a sister like you is priceless. Every day I give thanks for it. Congratulations!”

– “You know that as an older sister you have always been my support and my main pillar and for that I am very grateful. I will never forget everything you have done for me. Happy birthday.”

– “Sister. Even if I don’t tell you very often, you know that I love you very much and that you are an essential person in my life. For this reason, I want to wish you on such a special day as today a very happy birthday. I hope to make you half happy. of what you do to me and that all your wishes come true “

Happy Birthday Quotes To Mom

– “I know I tell you a thousand times a year, but I need to tell you again. You are the best mother in the world! There is no other than half as good as you. Congratulations mom.”

– “Your love and your tenderness to yours have helped us to be as we are. You are the pride of the family and the wheel that moves our lives. We love you madly. Congratulations!”

– “Congratulations to the best mom in the world. Thank you for being as beautiful as you are. Happy birthday.”

– “Today is for me one of the most special days of the whole year, mom. Your birthday !. I wish you a great day and I hope you have everything you want on this special day.”

– “Mom, I have to thank you for my existence and have been in good times and bad times. For this reason, I need you to know that you are the inspiration that moves my world and that I wish you have the day you deserve. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes for your cousin

– “Prima, despite your birthday, as you see it does not matter because we do it together. And go if we have fun! Congratulations, cousin, I wish you many years of health and laughter by my side.”

– ” How proud I am to be present on another of your birthdays, for me, one of the funniest of the year! I hope to be always in them since that would mean that we are still the best friends together. I love you so much cousin. Congratulations!

– “Although today I can’t be by your side to blow your candles, don’t suffer, think that at that moment I will be thinking about you and that from the distance I will blow each and every one of the candles on the cake with you. I love you With all my cousin heart, congratulations.

– “Sometimes it is difficult to find the right words to congratulate a cousin as great as you. But if there is something I know that you are my favorite cousin and you deserve the best birthday you have ever had. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Quotes Gifs

Happy Birthday Quotes
Happy Birthday Quotes

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The Legend of the Dream Catcher



dream catcher

Dream catchers are instruments of power of shamanic medicine, whose origin dates back to the American Indian tribes. Its hoop, traditionally made of willow wood, represents the wheel of life, the mesh or the net are the dreams, desires and illusions that we weave in the Time of dreams, in the soul and in the movement that we generate with our activities every day. In the center of the network is the emptiness, the creative spirit, the “Great Mystery.”

According to tradition, dream catchers help keep good ideas and pleasant dreams with us, as well as protect those who own them. The Time of dreams is influenced by good and bad energies; the latter is trapped by the mesh and dissipates through the central hole with the first rays of the sun.

Let the web catch your good memories and the bad ones go through the center hole and fade away

Dream Catcher

The meaning of the word dream catcher

The word “dream catcher” comes from the English dreamcatcher.  a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by North American Indians.

These objects began to be marketed by the Ojibwa in the 1960s, being criticized by the other tribes for somehow desecrating their wonderful meaning. This makes sense because they are currently manufactured and sold without attending to the magical and mystical process of energization, thus losing its essence and becoming a mere ornament.

Because of this, the belief in dream catchers has spread enormously in recent years. However, most of us do not know the beautiful legend they offer us. Let’s see what it consists of.

dream catcher

The Legend of the Dream Catcher

Legend has it that there was a spider woman named Asibikaashi who took care of the people of the earth. The spider woman watched over every creature in our world, leaning over the cribs and children’s beds while weaving a thin, delicate and strong web that was able to catch all evil between its threads and make it fade at dawn.

When his people dispersed throughout North America, he began to find it very difficult to take care of all children, so that mothers and grandmothers had to start weaving nets with magical properties that trap bad dreams and nightmares, thus protecting their children.

Traditionally, the Ojibwa built dream catchers by attaching strands of willow around a circular ring of about 9 centimeters or teardrop-shaped, resulting in a web similar to a  spider web, made in turn with nettle fiber dyed red.

Indian woman with dream catcher

The ancient legend of the Ojibwa Indians about dream catchers tells us that dreams pass through the web by filtering and sliding good dreams through soft feathers until they reach us. Bad dreams, however, are caught in the tissue and die with the first beam of daylight.

However, for the Lakota people of the Sioux tribe of North America, dream catchers work differently. That is, nightmares go through the net while dreams get caught in the threads and slide down the feathers to the person who is sleeping.

The bad is blocked and destroyed, the good stays with us

There are people who give this a different meaning, understanding the word dreams as aspirations, desires or desires. Therefore, the dream catchers would serve to achieve everything that we propose and yearn for.

The truth is that we cannot ensure that the dream catchers take away bad dreams, bad energies or bad vibes, but nevertheless, it is peaceful to be in touch with Indian culture, because of the magic it gives off.

This culture has filled us and will always fill us with knowledge and millenary traditions that we must strive to keep close in the most faithful way possible because somehow we owe them much of our wisdom.

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Meaning of Love (What it is, Concept and Definition)



what is love, concept, definition

What is love and what is love definition? – Love is a feeling of universal affection for a person, animal or thing.

Love also refers to a feeling of emotional and sexual attraction towards a person with whom you want to have a relationship or coexistence under the same roof.

Love is expressed through actions, love messages, declarations of love and love poems.

 what is love

Love is symbolically represented through a heart or the figure of Cupid with bow and arrow. For example, a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow symbolizes romantic love; instead, a broken heart represents heartbreak.

The term love can also have other meanings, it depends on how it is used. It is, for example, the dedication and pleasure with which something is done, for example: “I organize your party with a lot of love.”

The word love is also used as an adjective when it is indicated that a person is charming, pleasant or sympathetic: “Rosa is a person’s love”.

What is Love Definition – Love as courage

Love is one of the most important values. It is the force that drives us to do things right, so it is considered a value that has very clear the difference between good and evil.

Love is a moral feeling because it induces us to act well in our lives and with the people we love. In addition, it leads us to have a life full of peace, tranquility and joy, and, consequently, of well-being with ourselves.

Platonic love

Platonic love is popularly known as that impossible or unrequited love, which endures as an ideal or fantasy. All this is because Plato argued that love was based on virtue, that it was perfect and did not exist in the real world, therefore it was ideal and unattainable.

What is Love – True love

Meaning of Love (What it is, Concept and Definition)

True love is the feeling of affection and genuine commitment that one person feels for another. It is an idealized concept of love, very typical of romanticism, according to which there is a pure and total love that we all aspire to reach with our partner, which is true love.

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What is Love Definition – Love at first sight

Love is spoken at first sight as a crush that occurs immediately between two people. This occurs because people identify the idealized partner in the other, that is, a set of stereotypes that we associate with the ideal life partner.

Many believe that love at first sight is a myth, that there is only a momentary attraction, but that love as such is built only over the years.

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Clandestine love

Clandestine love is the one in which two people, for different reasons or circumstances, are prohibited from being together. However, they insist on living their relationship in secret. An example of clandestine love was that of Romeo and Juliet, whose hostile families prevented them from being together.

What is Love – Distance love

what is love

Distance love is one that exists between two people who, although they have a relationship, are circumstantially living in different places. It is a type of relationship that has always existed but has become quite common in these times, thanks to the evolution of telecommunications.

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is called the one in which the person makes a total surrender without expecting anything in return. Examples of unconditional love are, for religious, love for God, but we can also refer to the love of a father or mother to a child. They are forms of love that are considered unique and special.

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What is Love – Filial love

There is the talk of filial love in reference to the one that exists from children to parents. It is a form of love in which there is a hierarchy on the part of the father based on authority, respect and protection. The son loves his father but understands that he must obey him since he is the person who educates and protects him.

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Understanding the Fear of Love (Philophobia)



fear of love philophobia

There are many kinds of phobias, such as emetophobia or fear of vomiting; photophobia or fear of eating or swallowing, present especially in young children; gynophobia or fear of women; or nyctophobia or fear of darkness. But one of the most curious and least known phobias is philophobia, the fear of love. Everyone recognizes in the act of falling in love a way of living an exciting experience, which fills you with life and optimism, but for those who suffer from this disorder is not so.

Philophobia (fear of love) is an anxiety disorder (from the Greek phylum = love, phobia = fear). And, although the causes are unknown, it seems that it may be related to past romantic relationships that have left a deeply painful mark on the individual, such as a divorce or a separation that has lived traumatically.

It may also be because he is used to living single and the new situation frightens him, or that the person has suffered emotional deficiencies during childhood and, as he can say, “the situation overcomes them.”

What is a phobia according to the DSM-V?

The DSM-V is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, so it is important to know what exactly a phobia is. According to this manual, a phobia can be observed when the following requirements are met:

  1. Presence of intense fear or anxiety for a specific object or situation.
  2. The phobic object or situation is actively avoided or resisted with immediate fear or anxiety.
  3. The phobic object or situation is actively avoided or resisted with intense fear or anxiety.
  4. Fear or anxiety is disproportionate with respect to the real danger that the specific object or situation represents and the sociocultural context.
  5. Fear or anxiety or avoidance is persistent and lasts six months or more.
  6. Fear or anxiety or avoidance causes clinically significant discomfort or deterioration in social, work and other important areas.
  7. This alteration is not better explained by the symptoms of another mental disorder.

If we feel identified with these points, we may have a certain aversion to love. But not for that reason the alarms must go off. Ideally, observe and see how far we avoid falling in love with another person. If this leads us to avoid contact and causes us discomfort, it is best to go to a professional to help us.

How does someone who is afraid of love act?

Woman with fear of love

The person who is afraid of love, when he feels that he can return to live a similar or similar situation, crashes, feels an unstoppable fear that prevents him from starting the new relationship. If she feels she is falling in love, panic floods her and rejects the situation. Thus, many times it confuses the couple with whom the courtship was beginning, that before the flight feels rejected, hurt and, depending on their self-esteem, may even feel unwanted or loved by anyone.

philophobia – fear of love

The problem is that those who suffer from philophobia (fear of love) can not avoid these overwhelming feelings when they are in front of the person they are attracted to. Dizziness, vomiting, nausea, tremor, panic attacks and desire to flee are some of the most common manifestations, depending of course on the person.

Given these manifestations, he wants nothing more than to end the situation as soon as possible. And it is that a philosopher suffers a lot and refuses to live one of the most rewarding experiences for the human being: falling in love and living love.

People with philosophers often choose impossible relationships in which they can never fall in love.

fear of love

The person who is afraid of love tends to look for all kinds of defects in the person who attracts them.  He is inclined to look for impossible loves or choose people that they already know in advance who will abandon them. And all to justify themselves and others that if they are not with anyone it is because they do not find the right person.

Does philophobia (fear of love) have treatment?

Specialists recommend that the first thing is to recognize that you are afraid of love and face the situation without fleeing. You have to live the present without thinking about the future, learning that risk is part of life; that each love relationship is unique and unrepeatable and that we may be missing unique experiences.

philophobia – fear of love

It is necessary to assume that the consequences are usually less than we imagined.  Or that in life there are stages and now love has knocked on our door and we must say “yes”, being aware that love may or may not last for a lifetime, but “take it away, I dance it” because that person deserved the sorrow.

They are not the only keys to confront the philosopher. It is also important to inform our relatives or our partner about our problem without shame or fear and go to a psychologist in case we cannot resolve the situation by ourselves.

philophobia – fear of love

fear of love

Life is only learned and enjoyed by living it and if we stay in the anteroom we will never live any experience, be it good or bad. If we manage to overcome our love phobia, we will feel much better with ourselves, our self-esteem will grow and we will probably be happier. Overcoming obstacles and barriers make us stronger and braver.

philophobia – fear of love

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