Protect your children from the sun

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to protect your children from the sun? The secret is to apply protection measures on a routine basis.

With the arrival of good weather and heat, children spend more time exposed to solar radiation. On the street, in the pool, the beach or the park,  sunscreen in small it is essential to prevent future burns and skin problems.

Specialists advise that children should always be protected from the sun and, in general, it is discouraged to expose them during their first year of life. However, we must take advantage of its benefits as it stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D, promotes blood circulation and helps alleviate some skin problems.

Therefore, the recommendation for babies, according to an eminent professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Manuel Cruz, is ” at the time of the daily walk are healthy sunbeams in the little legs, yes, with sun protection and during the first hours of the morning

If the children see by our example that we protect ourselves from the sun, with the use of glasses, caps, looking for shade and using photo protectors it will be much easier for them to imitate us and get them to internalize this behavior.

With the little ones, it can become an experience to spend a moment of play. This is how they learn to dress, wash, comb their hair. The fundamental idea is to ensure that the application of a protective cream becomes a habit to prevent burns and ensure that they are protected throughout the year.


  • Limit the exposure time of the little ones.
  • Apply protection not only when you go to the beach or the pool, but also when children are going to be in the street exposed to sunlight.
  • Avoid being under the sun in the hours of highest radiation (12 to 17 hours).
  • Put on the protective cream at least 30 minutes before leaving home.
  • If you go to the pool or the beach, use a waterproof protector to ensure protection at all times.
  • Do not wait for them to burn to apply   ” after sun ” cream. Do it at the end of the sun exposure to refresh the skin and promote the recovery of it.
  • Protect them always with sunglasses, caps and hats.

Do you use the right amount to effectively cover the entire surface exposed to the sun? 

For a correct application it is recommended to apply the protective photo 30 minutes before the sun exposure in this order:

Protect your children from the sun
  1. Start with the face remembering that the same face protector should be worn on the neck and ears. The lips should also be protected with lipstick.
  2. Continue with the arms, first in front and then behind, without forgetting the backs of the hands.
  3. Follow the trunk, covering the neckline, abdomen, shoulders and back and lower back.
  4. Finish with the legs, applying front and back, without forgetting the back of the feet and fingers.

To guarantee the skin care of the smallest there are ranges of products especially suitable for atopic skins that do not include preservatives, dyes, perfumes, or PEG emulsifiers and also offer high resistance to water, so they can play and have fun without losing protection.

To protect children from the sun, educate them to be aware of the risks of irresponsible exposure.

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