Power supply in Venezuela stalled, closed schools and offices

The Venezuelan government had to make a lot of efforts to restore the power service on Friday due to the power supply stalled in the country. Due to the power supply being stalled, most of the country was sunk in the dark. In the crisis-stricken Venezuela, electricity was lost from late on Thursday night. This has added tension to the power struggle between Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guido. Guido has US support.

Vice President Deli Rodriguez tweeted, ” Maduro decided to shut down offices and schools as part of efforts to restore power services in the country.” Power supply will be gradually restored in the large areas of Caracas since Friday afternoon. Had started. After 24 hours of power supply stalled, electricity service was restored in many parts of the country.

Let the Venezuelan expelled the German ambassador before supporting Guido. And in the meantime, the US tightened the ban to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power. The Foreign Ministry said that due to “interference” in the internal affairs of Venezuela, Martin Krynor has 48 hours to leave the country. On Monday, he returned to Guido’s country, welcoming him at the Caracas airport.

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