Not only colors and designs, keep these things in mind when purchasing bras

Women here talk less about their undergarments.. Especially the bra. That’s why they are saying that because the large population of women in India wears the wrong size bra. Prices are rising rapidly from above. It seems they can be bought on EMI after a few days.

Well, a lot has already been written and said about Bra. That’s why we will not give any kind of knowledge. Give tips. So that you wear bra according to your body and needs. Because buying a wrong size bra is like burning money.

Check your cup size

Most girls are stuck on the same bra size for a long time. do not know why. If the weight increases or decreases, the size of the breast also increases and decreases. If you are going to buy bras then first measure the size of your breast with the meager tape (inch tape). In both inch and centimeter, The tape should not be too tight or loose. Note this number on any paper or in the brain. And by the same number of bra.


Understand body type

Suppose the upper part of your body is heavy, also called apple shape body, then full coverage bra is a better option. If you wear a wrong type of bra, then neither will it be confused. Nor will it look okay to appear. To understand your body type, you can check online.

Go to Variety Shop

Nowadays, most stores have a different variety of bra. But only in color and design. Pushup bra, sports bra, t-shirt bra, strapless or brattle. See if the bra you want is in that shop or not. The shopkeeper is not giving you the Sports Bra in the name of pushup bra.



Most women hesitate from talking to the shopkeeper about the undergraduate. Or expect that there is a woman at the store, so she can tell her choice and needs. Explain to the shopkeeper what you want. If not satisfied with the shown bra, then go to another store. Avoid wasting money.


Understand your conferment

The undergarments must be comfortable. Because you have to wear them all day long. You are able to breathe freely. Are walking comfortably There is no problem in getting up and sitting. So understand that the bra is made for you only.

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