More than 10 haircuts and tinctures that reach the peak of popularity in 2019

If in the current year you are planning changes in your life, you can start with the simplest and most exciting thing: change something in your appearance. For example, the color of your hair. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from: in 2019, the natural and exquisite colors will be fashionable. You can also change your usual hairstyle: the fresh and modern versions of Bob and Pixie’s hairstyles, as well as the retro bouffant style and the wet-look hairstyle are back in fashion.

At TheWebFry, we’ve studied the Instagram pearls of famous colourists and designers and discovered the colors and haircuts they recommend to their subscribers, look at them and take them down!

Babylights and Air Touch

Babylights is the staining technique with which only a small part of the hair is thinned, usually one that surrounds the face and tips. It’s perfect for those who are not ready for radical changes, but want to liven up their look. With the babylights, you will look refreshed and rested, as if you had just returned from a vacation on the coast where your hair was a little discolored by the sun. The main rule when coloring hair: it is important that the discolored strands do not differ from the main color by more than 2-3 shades, so that they look quite natural.

Another way to get soft and shiny locks on your hair without doing too much damage is the popular Air Touch technique . The hairdresser directs a current of air to the hair so that it separates the young short hairs from the main locks. Only a part of the main wicks is dyed. This technique is suitable for any form of haircut. The structure and color of the hair should not be retouched more than once every 4 or 5 months, so this is a technique that has gained great popularity among blond hair lovers.

Bronde honey

Bronde (Eng. Brown + Blonde) is a multicolored dye that combines light and dark tones. As a result, the hair looks thicker, has more volume and shine. In 2019, among the trends will be a tanned honey: the base of light sweet chestnut with hints of golden honey. Los Angeles colorist Cherin Choi believes that the golden highlights are superb on any base: from light brown to black, creating the illusion that you have spent a quiet week at the beach. Bronde is compatible with almost all skin tones and does not require complex care.

Blonde baby and “coconut hair”

Natural tones are particularly popular. For example, the Baby Blonde, as the natural blonde hair color of babies, or the Blonde Nude, which is a shade of natural blonde, darker. Another hint of fashion is the warm golden color of honey: Honey Blonde. “Cool, faded blonde hair is giving way to a healthier golden hue. Your hair will be grateful for this change, “promised colorist Cynthia Dirsen.

Another fashion trend that suits dark-haired girls who dream of being blond is the so-called ” grilled coconut ” coloring . To achieve this look , we start with a dark root followed by a smooth transition to a pale blond that reaches its maximum degree at the tips. Moreover, the stylists advise not to worry too much about the roots that grow, since one can even make them darken voluntarily. The dark roots give volume and depth to the main hair color and create a slight contrast effect in the look.

Coffee and Cold Brew tones

“Brown hair will become incredibly popular in 2019, especially in the spring,” says stylist Joel Warren. In this case, the fantasy space is enormous: the rich dark brown color, which resembles a well-filled espresso, with cold and ashy tones that resemble coffee and ice cream.

Another current trend is the  Cold Brew , which is similar to the color of black beer. In this case, reddish highlights are added to the dark brown base. It is an incredibly rich and luminous color.

Black and ash gray tint

Black comes back from oblivion. But beware: it is not the same opaque color used by young people who identify as Gothic. Choose deep shades of a rather hot spectrum, such as dark chocolate with a light red or purple background. “The most important thing is to make sure your hair is soft and shiny, because dull hair is not suitable for anyone,” recalls Fred Connors , a New York colourist.

Do you remember that a few years ago, the fashion was gray hair that imitated the “grandmother’s hair”? This trend is still current, but it has changed: the preference is now given to soft and discreet gray tones, and only a part of the hair can be dyed. Stylist Britt White warns that silver hair requires special care. To keep the hair tone cool, you should use a purple pigment shampoo that counteracts yellowing.

Dark green

Bright colors are always with us. But this year, we will have to forget the super intense colors and move to softer and quieter colors. One of the favorite colors in 2019 is the dark emerald green, which is reminiscent of the color of the glass bottle. “It’s definitely my favorite color for the next few months, it looks very cool and festive in winter, especially in combination with gold, wine and brown clothing,” says fashion designer Lisa Whiteman.

Pink and lilac shades

The year 2019 has prepared all kinds of shades of pink for our hair. Among them, the blonde with shades of light pink, dusty pink and “strawberry honey”. With such a delicate hair color, you will immediately become a true princess.

In the ” spring-summer-2019 ” collections, many famous designers have dyed the hair of their models in pink. “It’s an ‘adult version’ of pink that suits almost all skin types. It is modern and even quite elegant, “advises Adam Reed, stylist at L’Oreal Professional.

Purple and lilac are also popular, especially lavender . Again, the main rule is that the color is not too bright, like the color of the cartoons, but smoky and fuzzy. You can combine it with a dark base at the root.

Blue tones

What do you think if you give your hair coloring … your favorite jeans? Yes, it’s also possible in 2019. The jeans are worn all over the world and never go out of style, so why not create a craze for  denim on your head ? Dirty tones of light blue and dark blue on the hair reminiscent of jeans-making fabric called denim, have appeared more frequently on Instagram these days. If your skin is pink, choose a cooler shade and if your skin is olive or yellowish, choose more saturated colors with a touch of green: turquoise, mint and water.

Of course, this color is not easy to obtain, it also requires special care. If you are afraid of taking risks, you can first try to make only the tips or just a few strands.

“Oil slick hair”

For the most extravagant fashionistas, the colorists offer a new and brilliant product: Oil Slick Hair , hair with the effect of an oil stain . Everyone knows what a puddle looks like with a drop of gas: it looks like a rainbow. So, if you create a “puddle” of this type in your hair, you’ll be at the forefront of fashion.

This color is particularly beautiful on brown hair. Its advantage is that the hair does not need to be completely discolored beforehand, as it is necessary to do when dyed in lighter tones, so there will be less damage.

This is a rather complicated dyeing technique, so you should seek the services of a professional. Show the hairdresser an image of the color you are looking for. If in doubt, try to dye a few strands first.

Bonus: cuts and hairstyles popular in 2019

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