Kylie Jenner: Own insta filter!

So blatant! Instagram has dedicated a separate filter to beauty queen Kylie Jenner. Now you can score with make-up à la Kylie Jenner.

Instagram: Kylie Jenner’s power over social media

About half a year ago, entrepreneur Kylie Jenner dropped the stock of Snapchat operator Snap Inc. into the basement with just a single tweet. Snapchat’s competitor # 1 Instagram was sure to enjoy that. Now, Instagram has dedicated its own filter to make-up queen Kylie Jenner ! Maybe that’s thanks for harming their competitor Snapchat.

Instagram: Filter à la Kylie Jenner

Now you have the chance to use Kylie’s beauty line Kylie Cosmetics for free. Simply open the front camera and choose between seven nuances of your lip kit palette. You can choose from Candy K, Dolce, Posie K, Say No More, Shady, Boy Bye and Glitz. Even false eyelashes and perfect contouring are conjured up with the filter on the face.

Kylie Jenner: Own insta filter!
Laura is really excited about the Kylie Filter.

Instagram: Queen Kylie Jenner

That Kylie gets her personal filter honor could also be because she is the absolute top earner on Instagram. Currently she is actually leading the “Instagram Rich List”. The Kardashian Jenner Sprout can demand an incredible one million dollars for an advertising mail. According to the “Forbes” magazine, the make-up queen is well on the way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire of all time .

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