Japanese-style iced coffee

Japanese-style iced coffee
Japanese iced coffee – © Grégoire Kalt

A coffee signed% Arabica ultra-easy to achieve.


  • 30 cl of water
  • 200 g of filtered ice cubes
  • 35 g of freshly ground coffee (between the size of the sugar and that of the coarse salt)


  • 1. Heat 30 cl of water at 94 ° C (or bring to a boil and wait 30 seconds out of the heat). Place a paper filter in the coffee maker, rinse with hot water and discard the water. Fill the coffee maker with 200 g of filtered ice cubes.


  • 2. Replace the paper filter, pour in 35g ground coffee.


  • 3. Turn on the timer and pour 7 cl of hot water while wetting all the grist. After 40 seconds, pour 10 cl of hot water in a circular, spiral pattern. At 1 minute and 20 seconds, pour the rest of hot water, always in a spiral, in several times. The water will take 2 minutes to drain. Mix the resulting mixture so that the ice cubes melt a bit, but not completely.


  • 4. To serve at home in pretty transparent glasses.


This iced coffee recipe is prepared with an hourglass-shaped Chemex filter coffee maker.

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