IPA beer to help fire victims in California

Nearly 400 American brewers unite in a surge of solidarity.

In general, breweries (and micro-breweries) are better known for their ability to diversify and offer unique beverages. But for a week, the trend is different – and for the good cause – reports The Take Out magazine .

Nearly 400 American breweries have mobilized to help the victims of the deadly fires that devastated California in recent weeks. At the initiative of the Sierra Nevada brewery, all will produce the same IPA beer, named Resilience , whose sales profits will be entirely donated to the victims of the Woosley and Camp Fire fires.

IPA beer to help fire victims in California

500,000 pints

The idea came from the founder of the Sierra Nevada brewery, Ken Grossman, who put the recipe online and called on his colleagues to produce their own Resilience beer and raise funds. Several malt suppliers, for their part, announced that they would supply raw materials to the brewers hired.

The US brewery Sierra Nevada will start production of 2,000 barrels (the equivalent of 500,000 pints) on November 27, with the goal of selling the beverage early 2019.

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