How to calculate your bra size?

It’s not always easy to take the right measurements of your chest and know your exact bra size. Yet it is an essential step to choose your bra. Discover our tips and tricks as well as our size guide.

8 out of 10 women do not wear the right size bra and many opt for the same size since the beginning of their lives as a woman Gold, the chest changes with the years, pregnancies … To do well, it should measure his chest every year. Discover our guide and tips to know its exact size and make the right choice.

How does one take one’s measurements to know its exact size?

Even if you have to face her shyness and modesty, it is better to have her measurements taken by a third party, like a qualified lingerie saleswoman. But if you really can not do otherwise, measure your back with the tape measure all around the bust, right under your chest. As for the French sizes, we must add the number 15 to the figure obtained to know its size. Thus, a woman who has obtained an 80 cm bust will make a 95 back turn. Then you have to measure your cap  (A, B, C, D … depending on the depth and the volume of your chest) by placing this time the measuring tape at the point of the breast, then referring to the chart matching cups. 

  1. Measure your back lap by placing the meter just under your chest , then add 15, then refer to the chart below.
BackpackYour size
Source: The 3 Swiss
  1. Measure your chest by placing the meter at the point of the breast, then determine the depth of your cups by referring to the chart below.
Your sizeBonnet ABonnet BBonnet C
Source: The 3 Swiss
Your sizeBonnet DBonnet EBonnet F
Source: The 3 Swiss

How to know a bra is a right size?

If it is a bra that we already have, we must make sure that we do not feel the day: no suspenderthat pulls, no armature that moves. If the bra is the right size, you forget it all day long. At the time of purchase, it’s different because it is difficult to know in a few minutes of fitting if the model is comfortable or not. 

What staple should be attached? 

The bras usually have three staples. The idea is to use that of the middle to purchase, because it leaves a margin if one loses weight or if one grows. Nevertheless, one can choose to tighten it to the maximum if the material is a little elastic, like microfiber. 

How to position your bra?

To enhance your breasts,
of course you must have a bra that fits your size and fits your body. But you have to position it as well. Katia Charles, Artistic Director of the house Simone Pérèle, insists on the importance of placing the chosen model and for that it lays down some rules to respect. 

  1. Place the breast point on the seam to respect the balance of the cup.
  2. Check the size of the suspenders. ” From the top of the shoulder to the breast point, we all have a different height, even between two women of the same size, ” says Katia Charle. When you buy a new bra, you must make this adjustment that will be checked each time you put it on.
  3. Make sure that the separator (at the bottom of the bra between the two cups) is properly applied to the thorax. It should not take off otherwise it means that the cups are not deep enough.
  4. Check that the back is well positioned in the extension of the frame and parallel to the ground. ” If the back goes up, necessarily the chest will fall, ” says Katia Charle. To prevent the back of the bra from rising, check that the bra is not too wide. For this, it is better to position the fastener in the middle or at the tightest.
  5. Check that the frame is well placed in the groove of the breast to prevent it from hurting you.

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